#300 – Sleeping

Well here we are at comic #300. It’s been a crazy journey from back in my friend’s notebook to here. It took me about 4 years to do the first 100 comics, 7 months to do the second 100 and now only 5 months to do the most recent 100. It has really become part of my life. Now I’m preparing to have my first real book printed. The preorders are almost at the halfway mark and I’m excited that soon I’ll have the first tangible result of all the years of work I have put into Biff so far. See you tomorrow for the start of the next 100 comics. 🙂


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  1. Colin says:

    Great, can’t wait. Let’s see if you can do it in even less time now!

  2. Alex says:

    Wow, [tears up] it’s really been one heck of a ride hasn’t it. I’ve just got to tell you, you guys have been great…we’ve laughed together…we’ve cried together. But most of all, we’ve just been there, together, to enjoy the exploits of Biff, and laugh at his misfortune. Because, in the end, we know Biff isn’t really human. We know that Biff is something, just a little bit more…

  3. Kal says:

    Gotta love that expression.

  4. Madness says:

    I’m trying to see if I’ll be able to preorder Chris. Really does look like a cool book.

    Also, lol.

  5. Garrett says:

    This one had me head-on-desk laughing. I love plays on words and literal humor.

  6. Macabelle says:

    The Biff comics shall blot out the sun,

    So we shall post in the shade.

    Happy 300th!

    (Macabelle could not resist it.)

  7. ratboy says:

    Congrats Chris.

  8. CojoinedCows says:

    300 Biff comics, that’s just awesome.
    Can’t wait for the next 100!

  9. KungKong says:

    Sleeping bags are real monstars.

    They have caused me so much trouble in the past I hardly sleep when I go camping incase I get digested again. =/

  10. Eleanor says:

    I’d give him a cake, but he’d set the strip on fire, and then you’d have to do another three hundredth strip.
    Happy 300th!

  11. Bobs says:

    i just got back from my camping trip to bishop on saturday. i freakin hated my sleeping bag. our tent was on a very slight incline, it wasnt noticble, but when i got into my sleeping bag on the first out of 4 nights, the nylon that was on the outside of my bag acted like butter on a hot teflon pan with the tent’s floor, causing my to slide down the micro hill. every movement i made caused me to inch down. the hill was so small, laying down without the bag and its unnoticable.
    luckly my father had brought an airmatress, so i had to share, but atleast i didnt wake up all smashed into the tent wall.
    this same bag that had caused me to slide also got all twisted while i was sleeping so that i woke up sitting on the zipper.

  12. Vladimir Draconovitch says:

    Wow, 300 already?! Time just flies doesn’t it. Keep it up Chris, we’re all rooting for ya!

    On the subject of today’s comic it’s wonderful! I can relate to that perfectly, I go hiking on a regular basis and generally wake up on the side of a mountain, struggling and swearing at my sleeping bag as it semi-devours me in a state of mad rage at being woken up. My team always laugh when I try to get up, struggling and crawling out of my tent, still trailing the sleeping bag which has contented itself by gnawing at my waist. The 1/2 hour dance/fight that follows, involving most cuss words in the english language and some in other languages too, is supposed to be very amusing as well. Usually the sleeping bag is defeated and ends up having time out hanging on a tree branch, but once it prevailed and got its zipper stuck, leaving me to scream in rage and be forced to tear it up…poor old Billy Bo Bob, although your cottony soft mortal being has long since been thrown out, your beautiful memory lives on…

  13. Courtney says:


  14. Chandler says:

    I am a camper as well, and all my life I have had only good experiences with them. The one I have now doesn’t give me and trouble in and out.

    Biff looks like he might be in trouble though..

  15. rick says:

    happy 300!
    he’ll get out the same way he did the couch a long time ago.

  16. Chuck says:

    At first I thought he was wearing a poofy dress.

  17. Toshmate! says:


  18. Kaoss says:

    You never waking a sleeping bag.

  19. Keith says:

    Happy 300!
    The same thing happened to me with a sleeping bag. Only, it didn’t just eat me, it electrocuted me too (just a *mild* few shocks)

  20. Lucretiel says:

    Sleeping Bag of Doom!

  21. Vraptor140 says:

    Well it’s been some time sice I found Biff and I feel this is a good moment to make a comment.
    Congrats on the 300 comics, all of them really funny, and hope for lots to come.

  22. Miranda says:

    I thought he was wearing a dress too. Congrats on 300.

  23. Ksullvan says:

    This comic freaking owns. I’ve been a fan for a while, so congrats on the 300. If you like this type of comic, you should go to http://www.ansemretort.org/ansemretort because it’s another good comic.

  24. geeklord says:

    Congrats on the 300th comic.

  25. Squall says:

    whenever biff’s in mortal danger, he always just looks frustrated or upset in an angry sorta way. Super special awesome good job on the 300 mark, Chris

  26. Rigel says:

    hey! way to go, gratz on your first 300 comics keep up the good work, keem ’em smiles coming

  27. BlueWaterDragon says:

    Congratulations Chris and well done!!!!!!
    Biff Forever!!!!!!!!

  28. bitpirate says:

    Let sleeping bags lie…
    Great comic, Congratulations on #300.

  29. Iethloc says:

    Ergh. The sleeping bags I’ve had felt kind of like sandpaper on the inside. Except softer, but still with that horrible texture.

    And it does look kind of like Biff is wearing a strange dress! But, considering everything he’s done, wearing a dress doesn’t seem too outlandish.

    Congrats on the 300th comic!

  30. I like the length of drawstring curling around his arm like a snake.

  31. Cronyne says:

    COngratulations on your 300 count.

    Even though this is madness…

    THIS, IS, BIFF!!!!!!!!

  32. dragonbrad says:

    300 woooohhhhooooottt, that be some great comics on the com-pu-tater, wall chris this be an awesome web comic. burbadaburbada, sorry about that, for some reason i just got a southern accent. bragonbrad, out. 🙂

  33. Drake94 says:

    I’d like to say, awesome comic! I’ve been reading these for awhile now, but never posted a comment, so I’d like to just say, Biff is awesome. Long may Biff live to cause himself problems.

    Congrats on the 300th comic, Chris!

  34. Glenn says:

    Congratulations on reaching number 300! Reading this comic is one of the things I look forward to on weekday mornings.

  35. Chris says:

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. 🙂

  36. Kozo the Kid says:

    Congrats on the 300 comics!

  37. Radical Edward says:

    I’ve done similar stupid moves. Waking up a sleeping bag isn’t as bad as falling downstairs in slippery fabric socks.

    Here’s to comic #300 and to 300 more.

  38. yeremy yao says:

    happy 300th

  39. Siin says:

    I really expected a Spartan comic. But most of the forumers here beat me too the reference.

  40. speearr says:

    Love the details like the string entwined round Biff’s hand…

  41. Nero says:

    @ Siin, Do it anyway.

  42. Hornswaggler says:

    Whoot! 8D Congrats on 300, Chris!
    It took me until two pages later to get this pun…so I had to come back and comment. XD Never wake a sleeping bag…

  43. narwhals says:

    lawlz i love literality,this is totally rad

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