#288 – Frayed

I had a tire swing in my back yard when I was a kid. It was a popular attraction. It felt more like flying in slow motion compared to a regular swing set. Having a long rope reaching up at tall as your house allowed some serious hang time. The big danger with a tire swing was being the first one to ride it the day after a rain storm. I would get to the top of the first swing and suddenly have a surprise wet butt. When I was old enough to remember to check first I would have my little brother take the first ride… because that’s what little brothers are for.

Thanks to everyone that’s ordered a book so far. More orders from Germany today! Maybe I’ll have to take a trip there someday. My wife really likes Canada but for some reason we have zero orders from Canada so far. What’s up Canada? Can I get one order today?


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  1. Macabelle says:

    I had a similar experience to this one day, the difference being that i had less momentum. Instead of flying across the yard and into a window, i went straight down onto my back and laid there for about 3 hours.

    …Oh, those childhood memories…

  2. The Crack Ninja says:

    I am the little brother 🙁
    But I always felt special to get to ride first. Eventualy we just drilled a hole in the bottom of it to let the water out.

  3. Myrani says:

    …I have so done that. I would also order a book, being Canadian as I am, but alas, I am also a poor Canadian (read: student).

  4. jagman says:

    One Word: OUCH!

  5. Roanthehero says:

    You know I have never had a tire swing….maybe because there weren’t any good trees in my backyard. Also I like the way Biff is still holding on to the tire, like he is still flying threw the air.

  6. Chuck says:

    Ever ridden on a tire swing that’s hung horizontally? I did once, but it made me really dizzy and I never did it again.

  7. Ela says:

    Hmm.. I remember the time I was swinging at my friend’s house on an old metal/plastic swingset that had been in the neighborhood for a good few years. Yes, I remember it… I had only a few swings when the seat gave way and dislodged itself from the rest. I’m glad I was big enough not to get hurt, and I’m glad the swing wasn’t that high up.

  8. …and now Biff is probably going to invent some crazy device that holds the swing together, and it will most likely do more harm than good.

  9. CojoinedCows says:

    1. comic is hilarious. 🙂 ouch.
    2. You really should come to germany some time. You could propably stay with a different Biff reader every day and get to know the country like that. My doors are wide open for you (and your wife, of course). 😉
    Ordered the book today, can’t wait. 🙂

  10. Bunnyman says:

    Canada haet Biff, eh. It’s official, I am the king of horrid jokes.

    I never had a traditional tire swing in the city. The church has one strung up by three chains and so does the private school down the street, but no real tire swings, so my butt never got wet even though I am the little brother (by six years, so we never even went to the same school at the same time… So it wouldn’t matter anyway.) Great comic.

  11. cyber95 says:

    Give me until Friday and then 5-8 business days after that.

    Why does PayPal take so long to transfer?

  12. dan says:

    Nice coloring today.

  13. Chris says:

    Thanks dan. 🙂

  14. LordRetard says:

    Canada would give you more orders if we weren’t poor and starving. I think. I’m starving, at least, even though I’ve already had a couple of meals this morning. Really, though, I just don’t like buying things online (coupled with the fact that I am a teenager and unemployed, which makes money scarce and mostly reserved for more food). If I saw it in a bookstore, I would probably buy it, but that’d mean you’d have to have it in a Canadian bookstore. =P Canadians are jerks, what can I say?

  15. Ive kept BIff on my favorite webcomic bookmarks for about 4 months now, its still a youngster compared to the other ones that have been on there for years, but I have to say it quickly became one of the top 5 on my list. Its one of the few webcomics that will give me a good laugh thinking about it throughout the day, Good work Chris, I plan on getting the book when it comes out!

  16. 3686 says:

    I never had a tyre swing in my back garden, it was all concreted over. The front of my house was grass and there was a swing, but it was only held in by iron tent pegs. The house was situated on a main road so if you swung too hard, you would total yourself and the slide (metal A-frame) would go flying over your head much to the amusement of passing drivers.

    You could only sit there really and half swing. I guess it was a “improve your imagination” exercise.

  17. Seraphine says:

    Biff has had a tough summer.
    At least he’s out being active.
    The fun part of being a kid is
    doing all that and not getting hurt.

  18. Miranda says:

    Does it make me a bad person that I would have liked to watch this happen?

  19. Chris says:

    Miranda – no he’s just a drawing, don’t feel bad.

    I wonder if this would be more or less funny as an animation.

  20. Scipo says:

    Oh my god, how fast was Biff swinging to fly that far?!? That tree is a good 15-20 feet away from his house. That’s some hardcore swinging! Nice one, Chris. Your comics never cease to amuse me. 🙂

  21. Synchro says:

    AUGH repetition!? DX

  22. Madness says:

    Did Biff wish for immortality or something?

  23. Darkr0nin says:

    The pain…

    Than again, I seriously doubt Biff feels much pain at all.

  24. Zelly_Fangirl says:

    i love his ‘wilted’ eyebrows. XD

  25. Kozo the Kid says:

    Man. That’s ownage right there. I can’t stop laughing at how Biff looks. Plus the fact that he crashed into his own window only to fall back on the ground. Priceless ownage.

  26. Macabelle says:

    That’s a good point, just what is on the other side of that window?

  27. Malachite Dragon says:

    I love the way he looks.
    Its like-
    “….the pain…”

  28. C4Pottery says:

    I had a wooden playground near the shopping center near my house that had a horizontal tire swing. I used to go up there, get a nice cold 25 cent soda from Safeway, and swing on the tire. Then they started the plastic playground revolution, and Safeway wanted a bigger parking lot. Con/de-struction began, and all that’s there now is this patch of mulch with a playground that looks like a twisted giant pair of braces. And to make matters worse, the soda machine is now 35 cents. CURSE YOU SAFEWAY!!!

  29. Taz says:

    .. Once again. “Ow.”

  30. Buckeroo says:

    Ah man. I just watched Bridge to Terabithia a few hours ago, and this comic reminds me of some bad, bad stuff that happens. This is a spoiler-free space, but anyone who’s seen it knows what I’m talking about.

  31. BlueWaterDragon says:

    Chris I’m in the uk, and love Biff!!!!! I would buy the book on two conditions.
    1) That I know how much it costs, (including shipping and stuff)
    2)That I have the cash.

  32. Chris says:

    BlueWaterDragon – For all the pricing info, click here: http://www.thebookofbiff.com/the-book-of-biff-1-preorder/

  33. Vickster says:

    ouch. im always worried that’ll happen with the rope swing in the back and we’ll end up in the pond. but me and my mates are still swingin!

  34. OldWanderer says:

    The funniest thing about this particular comic, is that it has actually happened to me. It is of course, only funny in retrospect, since at the time, it was a Ford van in front of me and I am not as, shall we say, resilient as Biff. The ensuing trip to the hospital and plastic surgery are still a bit of a blur, but now I am immune from the dreaded “cold-morning-ear-flick”

  35. Shadic says:

    I had this happen at a friend’s house on a tire-swing. It broke, and I was sitting in it funny. The tire-swing was also on a hill.

    When the wheel landed on the ground, it did what wheels do – Roll. And I was stuck inside of it for the ride.

    I wish I could do that again.

  36. Vera12 says:

    Once I came home from school and my parents were giving this lady who had stopped by directions. She got the directions and was walking down the sidewalk and I was swing the tire swing without anybody in it. Just because I didn’t want to go inside. Anyway, she was walking by and the plastic tire hit her in the side of the face. She grabbed her face and ran to her car, peeling off. I didn’t get a chance to apologize and luckily my parents didn’t see it. I still feel bad about that.

  37. A.J.という海賊 says:

    I’m sorry, Chris! I’d go back in time and order when you needed it, but I just started reading! Then you’d have that order from Canada you so wanted! Of course, I’m in Japan right now, so maybe that wouldn’t work. No, wait! If I went back in time, then I’d be back in Canada! Of course! Well, either way, I don’t have a time machine. Sorry!

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