#285 – Rocket

The preorder for The Book of Biff #1 has begun! I’m working on the cover and some new bonus comics right now. I should have all the extras ready in the next few weeks. Now all I need is to get enough preorders to afford the deposit at the printer 🙂 Click here for more information.


23 thoughts on “#285 – Rocket”

  1. Bob says:

    i always wondered about your pants, and legs, wouldnt they get roasted when you tried to fly one? but someone moved the jets to the side, so that wouldnt happen. but still, id love a pair of fireproof pants

  2. P. Reaper says:

    Fire proof stuff can be heavy. D:

  3. Ria' Ayo! says:

    This was always a problem I considered when I thought about jet packs and such… you really would need very flame-resistant pants! And a shirt if it hangs down too far. 😛 None the less, wish I had a jet pack!

  4. Seraphine says:

    Human’s have a natural wetting system to use in case of fire. That’s why one needs to remain hydrated.
    Biff *is* human, isn’t he?

  5. Todd says:

    I’m surprised that his eyebrows weren’t scorched in the process.

  6. Elli says:

    I’m not quite so sure about that. O_o;;;

  7. that looks uncomfortable

  8. Don’t worry, his legs will eventually grow back. Just like his head does, or his whole upper half when he gives himself a bad papercut; compared to that this is a mere nothing, just a scratch. 🙂 Go Biff.

    But given that my pants don’t catch fire I would like to try this too.

  9. Ribosome says:

    huzzah for the book 😀

  10. Zelly_Fangirl says:

    mmmm….BBQ’d Biff…. P=

  11. Ela says:

    I’ve always feared that that would happen… now it seems extremely possible…

  12. Alex says:

    When Biff gets chopped in half, and his lower half grows back, does his upper half also grow back and the other section, all this time have we been observing the adventures of multiple Biffs? all the products of a mitosis like form of reproduction? How dark the con of man.

  13. Tina says:

    Hahaha, he looks distressed! XD

  14. I just read your latest clickwheel download. It was great. You are so gifted.

  15. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    Landing’s gonna hurt like meow, man.

  16. the Scarf says:

    I really like the expression on this one.
    “well….crap…I liked these pants…”

  17. Deteramot says:

    A non-heat producing jet pack would be better, either in the form of a giant fan, or some sort of energy impulse.

  18. Nokore says:

    Hee. I agree with the Scarf; he doesn’t look so much freaked out as disappointed that his jeans are on fire.

  19. the walrus says:

    He looks like hes thinking “hm. My pants are on fire. Shame”.

  20. S! says:

    Nowadays Jetpacks are strapped to the ankles instead and Science moves on.

  21. Jenny Creed says:

    You know what they say about guys whose pants are on fire. . .

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