#283 – Tiles

When I was a kid I used to play that game of hopping from one colored tile to the same colored tile. The best places for this were malls. In my imagination certain tiles were special and produced things like spring boards or trap doors. The only time it stopped being fun was when the tiles became too big and my kid legs couldn’t make it from one to the next.


49 thoughts on “#283 – Tiles”

  1. Monkey says:

    Very hilarious, I used to play that game too until I got older and got weird looks from people walking around in the malls and grocery stores. Also first.

  2. Schulzy says:

    Hehe, I used to do the “break your mother’s back” thing. Still do, sometimes. Strange, seeing as I’m 19…

  3. Nakita Kitagawa says:

    I remember doing that in the supermarket. It looks weird [and ridiculous] seeing my brother do that.

  4. Bob says:

    albertsons is the best place to do this, when standing around, bored, look down, and thats the safe color tile. albertsons has black and white random tiles in its older stores, used to play it from isle to isle folowing my mother and the shopping cart. i still secretly play it in the albertsons in elmonte. but when a jump large enough to cause a stare comes up, i just walk on by

  5. Skyshot says:

    I did that too! Still do, mostly because it’s just stuck in my head like a bad song (I’m kinda obsessive-compulsive). Er, um, I mean. How can anyone do that? That kind of game is totally for squares. (What?) As for Biff, you’d think he’d be feeling jumpy after the first few times this happened to him. And before, for that matter.

  6. LavaBall says:

    This reminds me of the 3D Cube Hopper game,It was a fun game for a while and it’s music where great.

  7. Ela says:

    I used to do that all the time back in first and second.. maybe even in fourth grade. Heh, it was the best game while walking behing classmates doing the same thing in the house. I remember, I also used to do it at home, but it was slightly harder, because there weren’t as many tiles to jump to.

  8. Bunnyman says:

    I used to do that, too. I always had abnormally long legs for my age (even though I’m mostly torso…), so I never had the problem with the tiles being too big. In fact, to this day, I still do it. Not as often, but I still do it.

    However, I quickly learned at age seven that doing that after they just cleaned the floors isn’t a good idea.

  9. Sye216 says:

    Heh, I loved doing that in malls. They have the hopscotch pattern, so I garnered plenty of weird looks. I still don’t like to step on cracks. i kinda got into the habit…

  10. Kaiga says:

    I thought we’d see Biff blowing himself up with some fireworks this 4th of July.
    Where can I get spring loaded floors?

  11. Kuroiten says:

    I do something like that. I always try to walk tile floors like I’m a knight on a chessboard (two squares forward, one left/right), but as my stride has lengthened, it’s become slightly more elongated.

    Oh, and the odd-colored tiles are lava. Don’t step on them!

  12. James says:

    Biff does that too?!?


    I’m seventeen and *still* avoid stepping on the cracks.
    Oh, and shopping cart racing rocks. (Especially where they’ve cleaned the floor, so your feet slide, and you can drift around the corners. But don’t do this anywhere ther’s a lot of glass bottles.)

  13. Matthew says:

    I have no choice sometimes, when I notice that there are squares or patterns in general, I have to walk accordingly. Yeah, I have issues.

  14. Kiche says:

    I did the same thing, as did my brother. Our local supermarket had a chess/checkerboard (take your pick) pattern, brown and white tile floor. He always took white, so I got brown, which worked fine until we had to go check-out, because they only had white tiles over there. Meaning, I lost every time.

  15. AG says:

    I still do that and I’m 18. I like to live by the concept of “you have to grow old, but you never have to grow up”. Who cares if people give me funny looks for it. I get those everytime I draw comics in public.

  16. David says:

    I did that, my brothers did that, my friends did that, and I’m fairly certain every kid ever presented with a tiled floor has at least wanted to play the hopping tile game.

  17. Seraphine says:

    I still do that too. I walk the same squares wherever possible to avoid the spring-loaded ones.

  18. I have just finished reading through the comic. I love it. I’m going to come back every weekday for more.

  19. Chris says:

    Thanks Lord Klingsor, see you tomorrow. 🙂

  20. Andrew Jones says:

    Reminds me a certain xkcd comic

  21. Miranda says:

    I’d love to see how big his kitchen is.

  22. Madness says:

    @Miranda: I’d rather see how big his house all together is.

  23. chickie says:

    i still play the tiles game. malls really are the best place to do it. that and big stores like Wal-Mart.

  24. Caitlin says:

    My local shopping centre has big black and white tiles that I have always jumped around on, especially at the entrances, where about three of every ten tiles has a pattern on it in gold paint – like a chicken, or a loaf of bread. I jump on all of them and make “Moosh!”, “Boing!” and “Crash!” noises inside my head. Well, they’ve been inside my head since I was about ten. Before that, they were out loud.

  25. Gianna Weird Al Fan says:

    27! Haha! Weird Al Reference! >D

  26. Taz says:

    Haha. I loved this. I’ve played that game too, but I’ve got this horrible habit of looking at the ground when I walk, so I’m not sure if I’ve gotten any weird looks. Ocassionally when I’m outside, I’ll stretch my leg or hop to avoid cracks/certain tiles. It’s still fun. ;P

  27. DEC says:

    sound something like a game at school that we called cement tag (you were only allowed to run and climb around on the cement footpaths and the playground equipment and max three steps on grass/gravel or you are it

  28. sole says:

    I still do that especially in the mall where they have them in five colors, white red and teal are BAD but green is ok for a sec. and yellow is always OK to bad they hardly have green and almost don’t have yellow… I don’t care what they think

  29. Chunky says:

    Any particular reason for 27?

  30. Zach of the Internet says:

    I confess… I too play (as in now) that game.

  31. Jaz says:

    i still do that sometimes…..

    horay for crazy people!

  32. Radical Edward says:

    Hopping on certain tiles? I did that as a kid. It would drive my dad crazy.

    I still do it at my age (19 going 20) and no one thinks I’m weird. I live in a world of free-thinkers.

  33. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    People are starting to accept that no one is sane any more, so they ignore other nuts.

  34. Hlavco says:

    I used to do that same thing! The malls were the best places for it… they always have such weird tile patterns.

  35. KZero says:

    Is that 27th horizontal, diagonal, or vertical, green tiles? If the room isn’t wide enough does it carry over to the next row?

  36. Jayy says:

    I am 18 and I still play that game.
    but I am getting to big to fit in the tiles = [

  37. wertler23 says:

    I used to do that in one of my local supermarkets. There were these weird look tiles that had metal rims and i always thought they were trap doors of some sort. Course now i no thats nonsense but for some reason i still avoid them…

    Love This Comic btw

  38. barbarian1 says:

    i love this guys house, i wonder if i can make my house like that someday 🙂

  39. speearr says:

    Hahahaha…….. you have some really wacky ideas Chris…. Biff’s DNA must be integrating into yours….

  40. Nokore says:

    *SPROING* Wheee~! =D

  41. wertler23 says:

    I used to do that in the supermarket but there always these weird tiles that I despised and thought were trapdoors.

    Needless to say I grew out of them but sometimes I wonder whats lurking underneath…

  42. Justin says:

    I used to do that…the mall in the town where I grew up looks like it started with black tiles, and then replaced them with orange ones as they needed it or something like that, so there was a really random distribution of black and orange, and some tiles with both colours, and it made for some really interesting gameplay.

  43. Allie says:

    At the Mall of America in Minnesota, some of the “bridges” on the upper floors had glass tiles that you could kind of see through. I was scared to step on those, thinking they’d fall through and take me down with them. I dodged them at all costs – or made my dad carry me.

  44. the walrus says:

    My fortress has tiles like that. And spikes right above them.

  45. Necoho says:

    Good memories.

  46. Well, says:

    I used to move like a tower or a horse from chess.

  47. fatemaster1 says:

    Well now I want to make a tile floor with spring loaded tiles in it!

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