#267 – Scrub

I was a dishwasher in college for a time. It’s the kind of job with pretty good job security. When you have the bottom rung position at a workplace there isn’t anyone trying to make you look bad so they can take over your job. It didn’t pay very well but somehow getting free food at the end of the night made it seem a lot better.


0 thoughts on “#267 – Scrub”

  1. ken says:

    woot first post you rock man

  2. Hyshinara says:

    farse, there goes my shot at first post 😛
    second it is then…

    i don’t like too much responsibility in a holiday job like “deliver this mail, it’s very important” …
    give me one of those “here are cherries, there are baskets… fill the baskets with cherries” XD

  3. dragonbrad says:

    check biff 20 minutes b4 thuis and it wasnt updatted, but third post wooot

  4. red rule says:

    umh, what is abrasive (13 years and form holland, so im not just english and dumb =P)

  5. pieman says:

    was the free food off other ppls plates?

  6. pieman says:

    abrasive stuff wears away stuff faster than non abrasive stuff does.

  7. Bullet Fiend says:

    Hey, I’m not too far down the list for once.

    What does his sponge do? Secrete Acid?

  8. Warcrime says:

    red. do you know what Steel wool is? Thats abrasive. XD basically means something that scratches at things.

  9. Kuroiten says:

    Abrasive things are usually used to scrape a surface clean…however, in Biff’s case, his abrasive sponge is scraping the surface apart.

  10. Seraphine says:

    An abrasive is a substance (but sometimes a person) that abrades or wears down something (or someone else).

    I suggest Biff use his plate as a mask. He can scare the neighborhood pets with it.

  11. Radical Edward says:

    I’ve done damage in washing school dishes, which I hated..

  12. Sax says:

    Do I see pupils?

  13. Sax says:

    Looking back through some recent comics, it looks like Biff has had pupils for a while now. Whoops. >_>

  14. Richard says:

    Is it just me, or does the plate now look like a painting palette? Also, if it did that to his dinnerware, I wonder what his hands look like.

  15. ken says:

    first and 15
    lol glad i woke up early this morn i did have time to wrigte a good post had to be fast to get nuber #1 slot

  16. David says:

    He could use softer soap, or stop washing paper plates.
    Both would solve the problem.

  17. Kit-kun says:

    The plate almost looks like Jason’s mask… o.O Oh, me and my friend love the comic!

  18. Jerowaka says:

    hmm, thats the effect the ground had on my arm when my front wheel blocked at a good 20 mph

  19. Ben says:

    Yeah I gotta agree with the free food thing. I would have been able to handle working in a chinese food hall if I didn’t get lots of free noodle!
    Oh and dating the boss’s daughter helped aswell.

  20. Mr. Son says:

    I *LOVE* Biff’s expression in this one. ^_^

  21. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    right now, i’d settle for a job as a dishwasher. I don’t even have a job to switch from.

  22. Nicki says:

    i washed dishes back in high school…i hated every minute of it: the pains, the funky way my fingers pruned, and especially not being able to understand what some of the people were trying to say to me (i worked in an italian restaurant and they spoke with a very heavy accent). i felt kinda like i had been given a raise when they bumped me to bus girl ^_^

  23. Elkian says:

    Nooooooo! It’s the detergent! THE DETERGENT!

  24. Elkian says:

    …the ! are green. Why are they green? That’s disturbing.

  25. the walrus says:

    I agree. Sandpaper should not be used to dry dishes.

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