#251 – Hype

Too much hype can really kill a new product. No matter how cool it is, if you tease the public with some of the details and then make us wait months before we can get our hands on it, you are running the risk of giving us time to fantasize about a product that is much cooler than the one you are actually making. This is a problem with other things as well, like movies and music. Sometimes a friend will tell me that they have an amazing story that they have to tell me… but they can’t tell me now. They have to wait until they see me in person again. It’s such a great story they want to see my face when I hear it. Somehow though, they never live up to the hype.


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  1. Bob the Builder says:

    POST i love this comic

  2. Bob the Builder says:

    oh i got 1st cool

  3. Bob says:

    Yea, eragon was overhyped, and another one too, i forgot its name

  4. Ratheri says:

    OMG…love the tape holding the glasses up…
    Two overhyped movies that I rushed out to see then were dissappointed by: Spider Man 3 (too long and not enough action for the # of villains) & the Phantom Menace (was having a blast until just after the first 20 minutes of Jar-Jar). Neither one was really a BAD movie, I just was kinda expecting more based on prior experience.

  5. Zion says:

    I love the tiny details you put in your comics, like Biff taping the 3-D glasses to his head. ^^

  6. ipdar says:

    yeah i have a feeling that halo is going to fall prey to that harsh truth

  7. Garrett says:

    I had never noticed that Biff doesn’t have ears. Then again, I’m kinda new and am still catching up on the archives.
    I think I’ve also noticed that his eyebrows also never go outside the border. Can’t verify that without going through every comic, though, and that’s a lot of work.

  8. RFPT says:

    my god.
    he’s taped glasses to his head, to listen to his old-timey radio in 3D. there’s a new pinnacle of crazy.

  9. Wim says:

    His radio looks like a slab of meat XD!

  10. Heinrich says:

    More excelence.
    This is still my homepage, and I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon. This comic is awesome.

  11. Marcus Dranz says:

    It looks like he’s finding his mistake humorous.

    Either that, or he’s looking at 2D notes of music.

  12. dragonbrad says:

    i have made the 3-D telegraph, it didn’t make it in the best inventions, but…great comic, i didn’t understand what the radio was until i read the caption.

  13. Elli says:

    Wim’s right. It DOES look like a slab of meat! XD

    … Now I’m hungry. D:

    Great comic, as always.

  14. Steven says:

    Where’s the Biff I hear people ask. Right here.

  15. Squall says:

    At least 3D radio will last longer than the 3D 8 track player I spent all that money on. And I totally agree about overhyping anything.
    By the way (or not by the way, but it needs to be said) I used to think Biff represented the stupid demographic of our society. But now that I’ve read all of the archives, I think Biff represents that part in all of us that, you know, just wants to try stuff out. I hope that Biff will continue to learn his lessons so the rest of us can continue on without getting an entire bowl of cereal slingshotted down our throats all at once, or try to put out a grease fire with hammers.

  16. Donato says:

    Is this a stab at thenew Smash Brothers site?

  17. Hyshinara says:

    lol, yeah, the tape is rofls XD

    (and what does everybody have against Jar-jar Binks? i don’t hate him, i actually think he’s funny…
    i mean: there are people who wanted to kill the man who played jar-jars voice, because he destroyed their movie… psychos!)

  18. Reikon Ame says:

    Well this is new, I want one now…….. just listen to those drums in 3-D they are right there in front of you and sound so real. That is whole purpose so that your eyes can act as ears.

  19. Seraphine says:

    Biff doesn’t like to be teased, so I won’t. Not today anyway.

  20. DMC_Run says:

    I recall a series of “Peanuts” strips where various kids would pass Charlie Brown & flaunt their latest purchase……a “HI-FI Parasol”……a “HI-FI Balloon”……leaving him to wonder – with mounting frustration – why no-one else took the time to wonder how such products could be “Hi Fidelity”. This was back when “HI-FI” was the newest product buzz-word for selling quality radios – & later on, everything else.

  21. Nikanaiko says:

    I know this has been said so many times already, but I love the tape. xD

  22. Greg says:

    I never noticed that biff didn’t have ears

  23. 1234 says:

    starwars III diddn’t live up to the hype( still a very very good movie). 1)Count Duku dies in the begining 2) not enough greivous 3) the only big war scene was on kashyyk, and it was VERY short

    Also 300…..no wait, 300 was awsome

  24. Hes got a lovely expectant expression in this one

  25. Random Person 1 says:

    Though I hear 3D records are on the rise.

  26. Psychosis says:

    Tape on the glasses, you don’t miss a beat.

  27. Hyshinara says:

    >1234 Says:
    >May 22nd, 2007 at 3:12 pm
    >starwars III diddn’t live up to the hype( still a very very good movie).
    >Count Duku dies in the begining

    like X-men 3: movie starts, Xavier dies… like… WTF?

  28. nikie says:

    heh. he taped the glasses to his head.

    if he has no ears, how can he listen to his radio? curious.

  29. 66point6 says:

    Yah, the last X-men movie tota;;y sucked. I mean, come on, they didn’t follow the storyline at all! Wolverine was in love with jean grey, Pheonix was a pycho, and both Pheonix and Xavier died?!?! That mobie was almost as bad as the Hulk.

  30. Elkian says:

    …I like how much attention to detail this one has – Biff has no ears, so the glasses are taped on….heh…

  31. bizzybody says:

    Hype killing products. Look up the Osborne 2 computer. The Osborne One (one of the forst luggable computers) was selling well and Osborne had developed the Osborne 2- which had a larger monitor and came standard with two floppy drives and other improvements.

    Then Osborne made the error that killed his company. He allowed one computer magazine columnist to see the Osborne 2. The columnist solemly promised to not breathe a word about the new computer until Osborne said he could- the company was waiting for enough model One computers to sell to get enough cash on hand to put the new machine into production.

    The columnist dashed right back to the office and wrote a glowing review of the soon to be released Osborne 2. Sales of the Osborne One came to a screeching halt as would-be buyers waited for the new computer- which never went into production for lack of funds. 🙁

    But these days, a hot and hyped review of a yet to be released product usually has entirely the opposite effect on the fortunes of a company, and when the hot new product get released it’s often a pile of junk or if it does work it bears little resemblance to the reviewed prototype.

  32. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    There was a lot of hype about the Iphone here. I wonder if it’s as great as it seems.

  33. Elkian says:


  34. Septimus Crudelious says:

    3D-glasses taped to the head. To listen to the radio.
    Oh Biff!

  35. oh god I noticed he taped the glasses on. Funny.

  36. Sitkero says:

    I laughed. Then i noticed the tape, and laughed harder!

  37. the walrus says:

    nikie: isnt it obvious? He hears with his eyebrows!

  38. Tordoc says:

    May 22nd, 2007 at 12:36 am
    Yea, eragon was overhyped, and another one too, i forgot its name

    If you don’t take that back, I swear I’ll hunt you down and make you watch “Twilight”.

  39. SurveySays says:

    I like how he had to tape his glasses on.

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