#243 – Bran

I admit that when I was a kid I based my cereal purchasing decisions based on the toy that came free in the box. Sometimes the cereal that I liked the best had no free toy! Just some puzzle game printed on the back of the box! I’m not going to buy your cereal for a word search puzzle. You need to dazzle me with something a little more exciting. One of my favorite cereal memories was when Cap’n Crunch came with a free window sticker of one of their characters. It was one of those “Collect all 8 designs!” kind of promotions. There was some sort of packaging error with my box and I got all 8 design plus a few duplicates. It was very exciting.


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  1. King Joseph says:

    mmm…. “Let’s play war! I’ll bring the missile!”

    Also: First!

  2. Yuccadude says:

    And here I got eight boxes with no window stickers in them at all. I presume my lawyer-type person will be having some words with you shortly, sir. Wait a minute, web-comic artists aren’t wealthy….Drat!

  3. DomanickX says:

    Hmmm As a Webomic junkie I have read alot BUT! This comic is the most original Congrats your my new home page
    (srry Vgcats..)

  4. The best cereal prize ever made was the Chex Quest game…

  5. LavaBall says:

    Sweet,Now will Biff ever uses the rocket?

  6. Terrence says:

    once i got a plane in a cereal box, but no rocket

  7. cyber95 says:

    I used to get that cereal, but I only ever got the crappy Hummers.

  8. Andrew says:

    LavaBall: He will, but he will be crushed by it when he gets an ice cream headache while levatating it with his mind.

  9. RFPT says:

    the only toy I ever got was a superball. wasn’t a very good one.
    don’t know why I eat cheerios, as they will expand lifeness.

  10. KungKong says:

    I wish I had a free rocket with my cereal. 😀

  11. I dont think they put toys in cereal anymore, its a shame, that I grew up in the 90s where all the fun stuff was being ripped out of everything…

    By the way which comic is the mind levitation one?

  12. ryan. says:

    I cant wait till the rocket falls on him.

  13. dragonbrad says:

    i too like the toys i n super noodle bran,i always got the f-1 phantom

  14. xoyv says:

    lol whitespace

  15. Maxmillean says:

    That has to be the best cereal toy ever…….

  16. Rono says:

    biff is so damn lucky >.>
    I want a cereal rocket >.

  17. Wannabeelf says:

    they don’t put toys in cereal anymore, some sort of “choking hazard” crap.

    bah! the generation of children who played with lawn darts are fine. and do you know why they’re fine? because their parents WATCHED THEM. there is no risk of you child choking on a toy that came in a cereal box if you pour the bowl of cereal yourself. you don’t need parental locks on your TV if you watch it with your children–TV is not a babysitter! you don’t need to ban porn on the Internet if you monitor the sites your child visits. you don’t need ratings on video games if you read the back of the package before buying a game for your child. if you’re involved in your child’s life, you won’t wake up one day to find that your 5 year old is already an adult and your 10 year old is pregnant.

    even as a child i knew parents should be involved in their children’s lives. i watched parents try to reason their children out of bad behavior instead of spanking them–i was spanked, it hurts your ego more then anything else and it WORKS. and i watched neglectful parents pick their children up, set them on a counter, then walk away so they could fall and break their necks. and i wanted to bend those parents over my eight year old knee and SPANK SOME SENSE INTO THEM. and of course, you know those poorly raise kids grew up to raise their children even more poorly. and that’s why you can’t get toys in cereal boxes anymore and Cracker Jack only comes with stickers.

    okay, rant over.

  18. Oddly Frozen says:

    LUCKY!!!!!!! alls i ever got in that cereal was a stinken battleship. not fair :[

  19. Reikon Ame says:

    Wow, that box must be huge on the inside, Biff could have an adventure just in that box, let alone pull out the rocket. But where does he find this stuff, I mean come on I just can’t go down to the general store and buy me some ceral stocked with rockets.

  20. Dr Glenn says:

    @ Blargen-Vargen #106, but its green, not yellow.

    would this be the spaceship that Biff crashed into the moon in #133 whilst on his moblie? It looks the same.

  21. Chris says:

    5 points to Dr Glenn!

  22. Heh, good eye.

    So I guess this means that the comics aren’t in chronological order?
    Either that, or he’s got a lot of ‘Super Noodle Bran’ boxes. I wonder how much the cost?

  23. Kenshin620 says:

    let me guess, this is how he got his last rocket?

  24. Cheez says:

    Super Noodle bran? Bran with Super Noodles? Cool.

  25. Vladimir Draconovitch says:

    Wannabeelf: Yeah, I agree on some of your views, however spanking is not nessessarily the answer. I was never spanked but I’ve grown into a respectful and mature young adult. However your point about actually looking after and being there for your child is extremely important. Parents do need to be there to look after their children, it’s why they become parents! Not to dump them at a nursery and walk off to do their own thing, it’s to look after and care for them themselves, otherwise why bother with children?

  26. ken says:

    you got a HUMMER! all I got was a pinto.

  27. Brian says:

    Hey Chris,

    I don’t say much, but I visit every day and very much appreciate both your humor and art. You’re providing some of my best laugh these days.



  28. dragonbrad says:

    nice…uh..colorful…statement wannabeelf ( i u know what your saying) ohh and lay off the sugar

  29. Nikanaiko says:

    Well.. That explains more than it doesn’t.

  30. Wannabeelf says:

    Vladimir Draconovitch,

    no, spanking isn’t necessarily the answer, but it is a valid disciplinary measure. I’m of the opinion that behavior is half nature and half nurture. for some kids, time outs and temporary loss of privileges are enough; for others, spanking is necessary. i don’t believe that spanking is the only valid form of punishment, but it shouldn’t be dismissed off hand as cruel either. my parents used spanking as a last resort after other disciplinary measures failed and that’s how i intend to use it when i have children. when i said i was spanked, i should have also mentioned that it was only three times in my entire life (as a disiplenary measure anyway).

  31. cyber95 says:

    ken: Sure, the Hummer may sound great, but it produces enough exhaust to kill a forest or two, and it costs way too much to fill up the gas.


  32. Noodles says:

    🙁 but.. I’m noodles *sniff*

    oh well, I’d have to agree with him on that one,
    The ones with the best promotional gift were always the ones I’d want, although it doesn’t bother me too much now

    Too early in teh morning to write loads and so I shall leave it at that,
    Keep up the uber-ness 🙂

    Noodles x

  33. Lode says:

    Hah! I got a better prize than a stinking rocket.

    I got NORAD!

  34. monoXcide says:

    In high school I would constantly draw on my desk in english class and they were usually of a humorously disturbing nature. One of the things I drew was a Zodiac killer themed cereal, “Zodi-Os”. It had marshmallow guns, ropes, knifes, and flre. The cereal part of it were like the alphabets cereal, but were the symbols the Zodiac used in his cryptographs. On the back of the box I put a real cryptograph and when you solved it, it spelled out “Main ingredient: Fiber Glass”. The “toy” inside was just a sealed empty plastic bag that said on it “fun if swallowed”. I could tell that it shook up the teachers a bit, but I was not serious.

  35. Malachite Dragon says:

    For a limited time only, you too could own your very own Mark XXVIII BOLO!
    Simply mail in 10,000 proofs-of-purchase of Holy-Hell-This-is-Expensive to…

  36. Sketch says:

    I noticed that alot of your comics are based off of food… But that’s okay. I like food anyways. Keep it up!

  37. monoXcide says:

    Hey Dragon, that kinda reminds me of the pepsi stuff back in the late 90’s. On one of the commercials for pepsi it had listed, as a joke of course, a harrier jet as one of the prizes for saving up a ridiculous amount of points. One guy managed to do it, but pepsi didn’t give him the jet and I think he tried to sue pepsi.

  38. monoXcide says:

    We should be careful what we put in our cereal as toys. Otherwise, Iran would easily be able to acquire nuclear arms.

  39. geckoman77 says:

    i want one!!

  40. Miranda says:

    I must be the only one who had to eat the cheap cereal that came in the plastic bag. Now that I’m old enough to afford whatever I want, there are no good prizes. Typical.

  41. The Man says:

    does anyone remember the robot looking bicycle spoke holding things with li’l reflector gems in their chests? there were some of those in cap’n crunch one time… about 20 years ago. that was the coolest thing for its time.

  42. Chris says:

    The Man – Yes! I remember those. 🙂

  43. Jenny says:

    Here in Sweden, all cereal comes in plastic bags inside paper boxes. And the toys are in the bottom outside of the bag. This means two things: You can easily grab the toy as soon as you open the box so you don’t have to eat all the cereal too, and no one has yet managed to choke on the toy so we still have toys in cereal boxes. 🙂

  44. Kamorth says:

    Chris, am I supposed to be reminded of The Young Ones? I’m sure they must have had that cereal when they ended up with the missile in the kitchen….

  45. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    We only get bags of cereal, and they don’t put toys in those.

  46. the Scarf says:

    As a side….These comics are not in chronilogical order….anybody remember 133? (Cell-Phone)

    anyone? EH?

    and how bout those other times he got into space! like #155 Space Walk!

  47. Elkian says:

    Earth to Biff – you don’t HAVE to eat the cereal (tho I hate wasting food)

  48. the walrus says:

    I personally never had toys in my cereal. It makes me angry and sad at the same time. To monoXide : I personally swear that my cereal is made with cardboard and wood shavings.

  49. Dzelda says:

    So THATS where Biff got his rocket!

  50. personman says:

    I was the same way with just about everything when i was a kid.
    I remember when i was 7 i begged my dad to get me some shoes with laces – despite the fact that i didnt know how to tie my shoes – cause they came with a toy.It was not a wise purchase.

  51. Romano Giovanni says:

    @ The Man:
    I used to collect the Cap n’ Crunch figures that came in the boxes too. They had one of the Captain himself and then all the Soggies. Does anyone remember the Soggies? They were the Captain’s nemesis and had some kind of water cannon on them with a backpack and they could make anything they shot with it all soggy, but if you ate the cereal at them it would counter it and they couldn’t defeat it.

  52. patrick says:

    Why does biff never smile even when the rare good things happen to him?

  53. Toafan says:

    in this case at least it’s because, OK, awesome, rocket, But he REALLY DOESN’T LIKE THE CEREAL!
    Sorry for shouting 🙂

    on a completely unrelated note, why do we bother commenting on comics this old?

  54. Howls Like Wolf says:

    I remember getting a one-sided record on a box of cereal, once. I had to eat the all cereal before my mom would let me cut the box to play the thing. I was too young to really appreciate the song, and it was by some British group called the Beetles.

    God, I wish I still had that piece of cardboard!

  55. Tordoc says:

    That’s as close to a smile as I’ve ever seen Biff…

  56. Tech says:

    I remember when Hasbro made video games out of their tabletop ones, and packaged them with Post’s cereals. I did collect them all. Clue, Operationj, Battleship…

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