#236 – Crane

I usually have pepperoni or sausage or sausage and pepperoni pizza. Probably because most of the time that I have pizza is at some sort of social gathering. I do like other toppings. Pineapple and ham is great. Chicken and onion is a favorite. A plain cheese pizza is a very versatile delivery unit for many different flavors. The one that freaks people out is when I make my own pizza and top it with broccoli and rice.


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  1. Meric says:

    that sounds just a little bit weird, and at the same time tasty…

  2. Pup says:

    Lol, Broccoli and rice would be absolutely awesome on pizza! That would be superb to try…
    And one would think the cheese would make the crane not be able to ‘fly’

  3. Synchro says:

    LOL! Oh man, origami… when I go to Japanese restaurants, I fold the money I leave as tips into cranes. I fold cloth napkins into cranes. I cut paper and fold cranes less than a fourth of the size of a dime when I’m bored. I love folding cranes. I guess now I’ll have to get some pizza for lunch tomorrow…

  4. Phantom says:

    Thats awsome some one should do that in real life and take a picture of it so we can all see it.

  5. Siddnet says:

    edible +origami

    Biff will make a killing selling that.
    People will go…
    “Do I eat that or do I display it?”

  6. random guy says:

    wow…tasty AND artistic……so tempting to eat….but your not suppost to eat it……

  7. Kuroiten says:

    I just realized how hungry I am…mmm, pizza-crane.

  8. jo says:

    just tried it, its harder than it sounds, i like to fold cranes too, the smallest i ever managed to make was one out af a one cm2 piece of paper with tweesers

  9. cyber95 says:

    And if you mess it up, you can just eat it and start over with a new piece!

  10. dragonbrad says:

    hmm,i like pizza ,but not thin crust,i like thick crust,know let me guess everyone is going to try this,right,(figures)

  11. Gobbledegook says:

    Well, at least he found a good use for all that pizza dough from yesterday.

  12. Ksullvan says:

    I miss the old comics, when they were realy random. Sure, pizza origami is good but #2 beating a grease fire with hammers, now thats good!

  13. Jonathan L says:

    Three thoughts:

    1) Before we started Weight Watchers, my wife and I would put tater tots and frozen corn on plain Tombstone pizza and bake it up. It was de-lic-ious!

    2) Six years ago I folded the top of a pizza box into a flapping crane for a friend of mine. He still has it after all these years.

    3) I live in Austin, TX. One of my favorite things to do with tips I leave is fold ’em into armadillos. Austinistes love armadillos, so that’s always a big hit. The model is at: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/bznga/armadillo/armadillo.html

  14. Twilightblad says:

    Man, I’d hate to see the result of when he tried DEEP DISH pizza.

  15. Reikon Ame says:

    Hopfully he doesn’t fall asleep in this pile of collection that would just burn.

  16. kenshin620 says:

    Well it seems that he DID have a enough toppings for all that pizza dough. Mmm…everyone took all the gimmicks i could think of XP

  17. Rono says:

    biff is quite the artist
    i wonder if he will eat it or sell it?

  18. TsukiNoBara says:

    Finally! I have a use for pizza!

    I swear, I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like it. I’m told that the melted cheese is the best part, but that’s exactly what I hate about it.

  19. Lockyer says:

    Skydiving Solitare, a combination soda dispenser and clothes dryer, a breader, an immovable object, a way to eat cerial without it getting soggy, a shredder mailbox…Biff definitly sidelines as an inventor.

  20. Painless says:

    mh…rice and brocoli…

    reminds me of my pizza-creations: garlic-chili-sauce + pepperoni + codfishliver + surimi + gorgonzola

    it’s quite tasty especialy if one is fond of different textures on a pizza *g*

  21. Natester says:

    I’m taking a wild guess that you have an unlimited supply of pizza jokes, right?

  22. Andrew says:

    So that’s where the damage came from when he was teaching pizza to fly.

  23. DMC_Run says:

    “Jonathan L”:
    Thanks for the Armadillo-website! In return, let me offer 2 places for you to explore:

    …a group of paperfolders with office-space in NYC’s American Museum of Natural History. Among other projects, they’re in charge of creating the museum’s Origami Christmas Tree each year. (This is the SAME museum that was featured in “Night at the Museum”, & the Tom Hanks film “Splash”)

    …this indie-film studio is preparing a film on the many & varied fields of research that are using Origami as one of their tools. You can also see a free trailer of this work-in-progress.

  24. DMC_Run says:

    On a different note, Little Ceasar’s Pizza used to have a TV-commercial in which the pizza-box was folded (by a live actor) into a flapping-bird (=traditional crane, without the skinnying folds). They, however, called it a “Pterodactyl”.

  25. Specialist290 says:

    Broccoli and rice? You’re braver than I am…

  26. I love making my own pizza. I haven’t made it in about a year, but it’s huge. Usually the toppings are mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh garlic, pepperoni, ham, sausage, chicken (fried in oregano and basil), bacon (fried in ground black pepper), and sometimes ground beef. I usually make two (each the size of a cookie sheet). Its an ordeal to make it, but it is delicious (won me a pizza-making contest at university) and you can’t eat it without a fork and knife because its so thick.

  27. Awkward As Usual says:

    I’m guessing no one ever told Biff not to play with his food…I think it’s great.

  28. Proxist says:

    I just ate a whole alfredo pepperoni pizza. Mission: DELICIOUS! Uh, so what’s with two pizza-related comics in a row? Is this like a theme week or something? Cause that’d be so awesome it makes me want to punch myself in the mouth…with pizza!

  29. Broccoli on pizza is amazing. Unfortunately, I only know of one pizza place that offers it as a topping. Mostly I just get weird looks when I ask.

    Been reading Biff for about a month now, but never commented before. Chris, you are a genius.

  30. Nova Namina Riff says:

    I never knew there were so many uses for pizza…. I bet he cant make a rabbit. I challenge biff to make a rabbit!!!!

  31. Rono says:

    Tsuki: i thought i was the only one who hated pizza, good to see i’m not alone, lol

  32. Greywolf says:

    Round Table
    Original Crust
    Artichoke Hearts
    Pitcher of Sierra Nevada

    …any questions?

    …any OTHER questions?

  33. dragonbrad says:

    taco sauce,pepperoni,bacon,classico pizza sauce, green pepper tabacso,spiced meat,and garlic dough,makes the best Mex-I-talian pizza.

  34. Kay says:

    Mmmmm… origami.

  35. Adam M says:

    Is it just me or is this the first one where Biff discovers the right way to do something? Normally he’s discovering what not to do (20 parachutes, imovable object in washing machine… I’d have to re-read every comic to get a full list).

  36. bizzybody says:

    Pineapple and ham?! Noooo, not another one!

    Here’s a mind twister. Pepperoni is the pizza topping most often on sale.

    Is it on sale so much because it’s the most popular, or is it the most popular because it’s on sale so much?

    If I owned a pizzaria, I’d do an experiment by never having pepperoni on sale to see if some other topping would be more popular.

    My favorite is Canadian bacon (ham) and ground beef. Many other toppings and combinations are yummy, but I can’t abide fruit or seafood on my pizza.

  37. Rachel says:


  38. Kamorth says:

    I mentioned it before, and I’ll mention it again. http://www.hell.co.nz

    Seriously, check out some of their toppings, especially if you’re into stranger tastes. My personal favourite is the Grimm… Spring onion, smoked chicken, cream cheese, apricot sauce, pine nuts, and rosemary.

    And, just in case you’re confused at one of the ingredients, capsicum is what we call (I think) bell peppers.

  39. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    I think that gives him a black belt in origami.

  40. Scruffy says:

    Try diced banana on pizza. Make sure you cook it with the pizza though. It’s a lot better than it sounds.

  41. james says:

    Waiter: Would you like your crane cut into 8 slices, or 10 sir?
    Customer: You better make it 8… I dont think I can eat 10

    SFX: bah dum chee

  42. Elkian says:

    Flying crane pizza.

  43. emthegreat says:

    i love origami!
    And pizza! I’m gonna go try that!

  44. KZero says:

    Brocoli and rice actually sounds pretty good on a pizza… I mean I like it with cheese so I don’t see how crust and a bit of pizza sauce would hurt. Chicken is not a desireabe pizza topping for me however.

  45. I thought the ancient art of pizza folding was called “oregano”, actually. One thing you can do is take a triangular piece of pizza, fold it, put several squirts of Frank’s Red Hot into the fold. While it isn’t particularly artistic, it’s tasty.

  46. Bug says:

    The best way to make Pizza is to put it on the braai (a type of barbecue, fueled by wood or charcoal). Man, you get that great smoky taste, as if you placed it inside your very own authentic pizza oven. But putting it on the braai is more fun, coz when someone lights it up, you automatically start pulling out the beers. Fun!

  47. steve-o says:

    May 1st, 2007 at 12:50 pm
    Finally! I have a use for pizza!

    I swear, I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like it. I’m told that the melted cheese is the best part, but that’s exactly what I hate about it.

    Don’t worry, my best friend hates it as well. It’s the tomato sauce. He thinks its SPICY. Sometimes I think he’s a bit crazy. SPICY. The TOMATO SAUCE. *sigh*

  48. Pom Rania says:

    I am completely inept when it comes to origami. I can never get the instructions right, and my fingers just don’t seem to work when I try to do that.

  49. Katy says:

    I need to go through and see if I can find something crazier than this, but I used to have a friend who liked (dunt dunt DUUUUUN) sauerkraut, Canadian bacon and Jalapeño pepper pizza …

  50. Katy says:

    Oh, and Kamorth – capsicum = cayenne peppers.

  51. jykcor says:

    green pepper, mushroom, ham = great pizza

  52. Shana says:

    Oh, Broccoli and rice topping is great on a pizza with Colby cheese and Basil pesto sauce~

  53. Soltueur says:

    > Siddnet
    May 1st, 2007 at 1:28 am
    edible +origami
    Biff will make a killing selling that.
    People will go…
    “Do I eat that or do I display it?” <

    That must be how Biff can afford all his crazy stuff (shrinking ray for laundry day, etc.)

  54. rysworld says:

    I like anchovies, but everyone else hates them.

    It sucks.

  55. BrainpanSonata says:

    I want to eat Biff’s origami…

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