#229 – Roof

I used to fantasize about floating up above the trees in my yard… if only I could get my hand on enough balloons. The most I ever got was 6 and I excitedly took them into my front yard and jumped up into the air. I was convinced that I was jumping an extra foot off the ground. I also liked to tie action figures and other things on to the balloons until the weight was equalized and I got it to hover. I was hovering some toys around the front yard one day and a gust of wind came and sucked the whole collection up into the sky never to be seen by my again. I always wondered what happened to it and what the person that found it must have been thinking.


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  1. TyPhyterEUP says:

    I always to try, but my sister always sucked the helium out of them before I got a chance.

  2. Phantom says:

    You know on an episode of mythbusters they acctually figured out howmany balloons it acctually takes to lift a young girl off the ground….it was somewhere in the 2,000 range, so I’m guessing inorder to “raise the roof” it would take some where aroud 100,000 probably more.

  3. Kuroiten says:

    When someone said, “Raise the roof!”, Biff said, “Okay.”

    Gotta love Biff and his loony ideas.

  4. Toshmate! says:

    hey look a typo; ..never to be seen by my again.

    I love helium voices!

  5. Elli says:

    Phantom, I saw that episode. It was over 3,000. 😮

    Interesting comic, BTW. ^^

  6. Eleanor says:

    Ah, I love the ideas you come up with Chris.
    A guy once tied about twelve weather balloons to a lawn chair and filled them with helium. He went up rather faster than expected and levelled off at several thousand feet, luckily he brought oxygen, and sandwiches. He eventually got up the courage to untie a few balloons and floated back down.

  7. Andrew says:

    Eleanor: The talked about that on Mythbusters. Thay then recreated the flight, with certain differences, of course.

  8. Thats a fire hazard waiting to happen..

  9. Penguin says:

    Helium is a noble gas and does not burn, maybe you were thinking of hydrogen?

  10. dragonbrad says:

    yeah if fire starts biffs eye brows will be no more,hay chris i might buy some comics

  11. Gobbledegook says:

    Even if he can’t raise the roof, a bb gun would make for hours of entertainment later when He’s trying to clean up… His next query could be how many balloons can he pop with a single bb?

  12. Nova Namina Riff says:

    What would he do if his roof blew away? Does anyone know that story about the guy who strapped weather balloons to his garden chair and actualy took off?

    I wish I was more original saying this but great comic Chris =^_^=

  13. Reikon Ame says:

    That would be pretty damn awesome if he could pull this one off.

  14. Reikon Ame says:

    I would do it just to see where it went, I mean following along on a bike keeping down it’s progress. “Hey dude see the flying roof?” Then just replying yeah that’s my roof.

  15. Chris says:

    Nova Namina Riff – Thanks!

    Reikon Ame – that would be hilarious 🙂

  16. Leone says:

    Oh dear helium.

    Once my brother breathed in so much of it that he didn’t get any air to his head. He tried to run in doors but managed to go through the door and smack bang into the piano side. Then he fell flat on his back and spazzed for a second.

    When he woke up he couldn’t remember the last 5 seconds of his life.
    Dramatic stuff, helium.

  17. Annette Lynn says:

    yeah..umnn…. I once was jealous of my brother’s balloon.. (mine popped) so I tied it to a stick and convinced him to keep trying smaller ones until the stick weighed so little it floated away. He was about eight then. And 37 now. He still talks about it.

    The guilt.

  18. Specialist290 says:

    I like how Biff takes everything so literally 😀

  19. Madness says:

    Man, what an insteresting comic. Humorous comic, and such a description to explain it. Not bad.

  20. Awkward As Usual says:

    what kind of roof are we talking?

  21. Clyde says:

    Biff should practice with nice light straw roofs before tackling the traditional plaster-and-beam style. I know from experience… 😀

  22. Psychosis says:

    That the hardest I laughed all wekk.

  23. Lucretiel says:

    On a completely different note… Yay! Biff has a URL icon thing… It’s the little things that matter, ya know

  24. Lsharp says:

    how ironic,

    when i was young i lived near you
    and 1 day some action figures hovered by,
    i grabbed them and some matches,
    he burned out pretty nice,.

    this whole story is true exept that i live near criss’ old house ^^

  25. Jetman123 says:

    There’s probably more cubic measurements of helium in his house now than there is air. Imagine if they all popped. You’d suffocate, but before that your voice would be like… a 2 micrometer tall chipmunk. XD

  26. Nate says:

    well, not really, still the same decibel change, just that it would last much longer… except he’d be dead. hmmm, the next scene might be censored, *explosion* ‘Unfortunately, Biff forgot that pressure is a deadly foe of balloons.”

  27. Reikon Ame says:

    Thanks. But with my luck there would be a parade that day.

  28. Ed says:

    I believe the movie Danny Deckchair was about the fella who tied the balloons to his lawn chair and floated off. Pretty good flick, according to some of the people I’ve talked to. And after reading this comic, I think I’m gonna go pick it up.

  29. Kaos says:

    woo! finally caught up, funny stuff, man!

  30. wrincewind says:

    I love the way his eyebrows are just sticking out.

  31. 66point6 says:

    I manage to read all of these in two days. (5 hours, specifically.)

  32. Mint Sharpie says:

    Does anyone else see his eybrow-tennae sticking out? Too cute!

  33. Radical Edward says:

    “Am I missing an eyebrow?” wouldn’t be the wisest question to ask if explosion occurs.

  34. Adam M says:

    I’ve gotten balloons to hover too. Tied to a beer bottle with just enough tipped out. It had a politician’s name on it too, as it floated off just above head height toward the road.
    I think Biff should fly more often.

  35. Rachel says:

    so literal.

  36. Jesso says:

    If you get the “cloud busters”, the ones that are 6 feet in diameter that car dealership use, just one will get a really scrawny guy to hover for a second. Not that we tried this when the boss was out at the party supply store or anything.

  37. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    I love Biff, and the comments just as much

  38. Grep Agni says:

    If you realy want to try floating on helium balloons, try


    It’s expensive, I think. Also, control is limitted; the only way to rise is to drop ballast and the only way to sink is to bleed helium. if you don’t know what you’re doing you can run out of one or both quite quickly.

  39. Septimus Crudelious says:

    Looks like Biff’s birthday party or something.

  40. siah says:

    One day I was sitting in my back yard and I saw a bunch of balloons fly over the fence, the crashed into the wall of the house and poped. Attached to them was batman….
    The next day superman flew over attached to some more balloons…..
    I’m not kidding. I think I still have both of them

  41. Bug says:

    We used to make parachutes out of plastic shopping bags for my brothers Play Mobil toys.

    We now have an Acacia tree in our front yard, littered with Play Mobil toys, plastic shopping bags, a plastic comb, a deflated balloon and a hola hoop. For some reason, we always treated that tree as a challenge, who can get their toy to fly higher, without it getting caught on the inch long thorns.

  42. "rar" -ivy says:

    this could be catastrophic if the roof was on fire.

    also! omg the balloon chair guy!! i always wanted to do that!!!!!

  43. Falcrest says:

    I’ve always had the temptation to tie string after string to a group of ballons just so I could see how long I could get the string before it would stop rising. Then I realized that if I could actually get that much string I take the risk of some propeller plane happening to catch the string in it’s propeller and crashing because of lack of air speed. The chance of going to jail fo murdering someone with a balloon just didn’t seem worth it. (Though it would be interesting to see that reaction… What are you in for?~~~ I killed a man with a balloon and some string.) o.O

  44. DOOD! says:

    Found this hilarious in the fact that at this point, there is a Pixar movie coming out about some old dood making his house fly with a bunch of balloons.
    Perhaps you have a Biff fan in the Pixar studios Chris.

  45. the walrus says:

    My dad says he once inhaled so much helium at a party that he passed out for 30 seconds.

  46. Felix says:

    Great. Now i have to go and play Bloons. 😀
    I was going to anyway, but whatever. You rock.

  47. Twigs says:

    *raise the roof gesture*
    I wonder what else Biff would do with balloons. The first thing that leaps to mind is a deckchair with balloons attached, although he would definitely need to bring a needle on the end of a yardstick for when he started to go too high. Don’t want Biff freezing to death!!

  48. Random Girl! says:

    Yet another awesome idea the movie industry stole from Biff!

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