#221 – Woofer

Some people have an amazingly high tolerance for loud music. I was at a stoplight once and the music was so loud in the car in front of me I couldn’t read their license plate from it vibrating so violently. When I play loud music in my car it’s because there is some mechanical problem making noise that I’m trying to ignore. I use music to help me forget about a lot of things that I don’t want to deal with at the moment.


40 thoughts on “#221 – Woofer”

  1. Hunter says:


    I always wanted to see a sound weapon. 😛

  2. Ela says:

    Hehe, nice.

  3. Yuccadude says:

    Kinda funny you mention the mechanical thing, Chris, because I took my car in to the shop today to get the wheel bearing replaced because of the insane noise it was making. Which I didn’t notice until I was driving my brother somewhere and he complained about the noise. So I turned down the radio, and there it was. And then, it was impossible to ignore, so now it’s getting repaired. : ) Hopefully I get my car back tomorrow or Wednesday…

  4. Kuroiten says:

    Walls? Who needs walls when all the neighborhood can hear Biff’s favorite music?!

    …what is Biff’s favorite music, anyways?

  5. cyber95 says:

    You were a stoplight once, huh? Didn’t know that.

  6. Vis says:

    Is it sad that I read the comments before the actual comic?

    And, I can’t do loud music xD It makes my ears hurt!

  7. dragonbrad says:

    I can’t stand loud music, its so ,uh,LOUD,did Biff use 400 tweeters,200 subwoofers,and have the volume on high?

  8. Lucretiel says:

    maybe it’s not how loud the music is…maybe it’s just a function of the easy-apply dynamite paint, hmm?

  9. Jimbob says:

    i find my sisters loud music quite a good alarm clock. she plays terrible music thou -_-

  10. Otacon says:

    I live for the loud music. :3

  11. Bronze Dog says:

    In my experience: If it’s too loud, you’re too young. My parents often watch TV at a higher volume thanks to diminishing hearing.

    You know that beeeeeeeep noise they mentioned kids were setting as their ring tone because teachers typically can’t hear it? Painful.

    1. extremist343 says:

      Wow! This conclusively proves that at some point I’ve been dropped off into some kind of topsy turvy world/twilight zone/bizarro world type thing because I was always told it was the other way around: if the music’s too loud you’re too old.

      (if you’re wondering why it proves it conclusively, it’s because it not exactly the fist thing that I was aware of being one way and then finding out later seems to be another way)

  12. Reikon Ame says:

    Wow that is a killer system to accelerate the molecules that much.

  13. Greywolf says:


  14. sexy_fork says:

    they’ve actually made a defensive weapon based on loud, high-frequency sound that incapacitates an enemy.

  15. Tim says:

    Now just give that stereo to someone you don’t like, and make sure the defaults are set to the maximum…

  16. geeklord says:

    Did he have it turned up to 11 again?

  17. Dynasty says:

    ha! i just discovered my subwoofer goes to 11, thanks geeklord 😀

  18. dragonbrad says:

    wait did he paint his wall with pea soup,its like he likes everything green,his shoes,his soup,his ice cream cone,and his walls,is he like the wizard of oz

  19. Raven says:

    Hah! That’s like me! I never get to listen to a whole song uninterrupted because one of my anti-heavy-metal parents curses at me to turn that horrible racket down. So I’m constantly pausing it.

    Funny thing is, I KNOW it’s too loud – I have knocked chips of paint off my wall by putting a speaker against it as a test…

  20. zaranath says:

    Greywolf, how many monitors does chris owe you now?

  21. Rileyesco says:

    Despite the fact that they might liquify my walls… I SO want those speakers.

  22. Jerowaka says:

    well, maybe the car in front of you had the music so loud because they where trying to ignore soem major mechanical roblems, causing the car to vibrate :O

  23. 66point6 says:

    There is actually a weapon that uses focused extremely high-frequency waves to kill people. It will actually blow holes through solid steel. Unfortunately, no one has found a way to reduce the machinery size smaller than a football feild long. >.

  24. Phantom Blade says:

    So thats what happend to my sonic cannon…

  25. Countchunko says:

    What do you know, 11 IS louder than 10…

  26. Angel says:

    I listen to loud music because I ruined my hearing on loud music >.>

  27. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    My stereo has high bass, no matter what he volume is. Then there is the super-sound option button, which makes it even louder. I’m glad that the neighbors play their music louder than mine, so they can’t complain about mine being to loud.

  28. Dukenator says:

    Ha ha. Hell, my stereo could shake the house by setting Rock preset, turning on bass & cranking up the volume. Also it helps to have no carpeting whatsoever anywhere in the house.

  29. Dukenator says:

    I rarely use it nowadays. It gathers dust, but I’ll use it once in awhile.

  30. joequincy says:


    I believe I am the driver of that car….

  31. Erkhadz says:

    I have my stereo cranked up to the max right now ‘cuz someone stole the catalytic converter off of my truck, so the exhaust comes straight out of the engine now, its so loud it sets off car alarms when I start it.

  32. Felix says:

    There’s a competition somewhere for stereo systems in car. And every year there is a car there, and the sound is so loud that the car actually has to be reinforced with like, Plexiglas and steel bolts and stuff.

  33. Pom Rania says:

    “They told us / All they wanted / Was a sound that / Could kill someone from a distance….” Cookies to whoever can name the song WITHOUT googling it.

  34. Bakelite says:

    My clockwork gramophone is so loud I have to stuff socks down the horn!

  35. the walrus says:

    Sound in the 20-100 KHz range can actually be used to kill biological cells. By the way, did anyone notice how Biff seems unharmed, and seems more annoyed by the walls liquefying than the loud music?

  36. Trypno01 says:

    Biff must be listening to some Hendrix, those guitar solos will melt anything

  37. Soltueur says:

    That’s why i use headphones. Sound directly to your brain!

  38. mrmeval says:

    Biff needs a HERF gun.

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