#219 – Brick

I love cheese. I don’t really eat it that often, because I get hooked on it when I do. When I was a kid the only cheese I ate was american cheese slices, velveeta and cheeze whiz… and none of that is really cheese. My dad really liked swiss and I thought he was nuts. “How can you eat that horrible stuff?” He would just laugh. Now that’s my favorite sandwich cheese. It seems like as I get older I like stronger and sharper cheeses.


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  1. Gravity says:

    Yay first comment! Cheese is tasty, but not a good building tool, silly Biff.

  2. Tyler W. says:

    Haha, I was actually thinking this afternoon about what cheeses people liked, now I know that Biff likes Cheddar.

    My favorite cheese is Smoked Gudda. Yum =^_^=

  3. Rea says:

    Well I picked up the link for this ar SMBC and I have to say I like it a lot-just spent an hour or so reading through the whole archive, so now I feel really spiffy.

    I love Cheese. I wouldn’t be able to build anything out of cheese because I would probably eat it before I can use it. Have you ever cut pictures out of slices of cheese using a toothpick?

  4. The Crack Ninja says:

    I too love cheese, though probbably not enough to try and build with it. However, I have been known to make cheese whis and wheat thin towers to munch on. that is just a good combo.

  5. Yuccadude says:

    When I was scrolling down and noticed the melty part of the fireplace, I thought, “I hope that wasn’t a solid gold fireplace.” And that hope was fulfilled upon the reading of the truth of the cheese of Biff.

  6. Jarek89 says:

    Swiss is my favorite Cheese as well, though I actually eat it outside of sandwiches mostly.

    Anyway, I just discovered this comic today, and have finished reading the archives. Great stuff. Randomness for the win.

  7. Siddnet says:

    Hey Chris, just arrived from Marilith if I’m not wrong. Your banners getting everywhere!

    Love the comic, its just so… connectable to daily life.

    You merit a review!
    Looking forward for more!

  8. Mike says:

    The fact that you like stronger and sharper cheeses is actually normal. As people get older they sense of taste starts to fade, so they usually compensate by drinking and eating foods with stronger tastes. Seriously go talk to an elderly person sometime they almost always drink black coffee because is one of the few things they can still taste.
    Just thought I’d lay a little science on you.

  9. Dan Scannell says:

    Cheese sandwiches are the staff of life. Sharp Cheddar, of course!

  10. Garrett says:

    Mmm…SMOKED cheddar!

  11. dragonbrad says:

    i love cheese pepper jack,habenero jack(which i dont recomend in big portions),and every normal cheese,has anyone heard the band modest mouse yet if u go to yahoo music,i strongly suggest dash board

  12. dragonbrad says:

    wait could he have possibly tortilla chips for the inside of the fireplace,that way he could have nachos

  13. geeklord says:

    Didn’t he go through this before, only with a gingerbread house? (comic #153)

  14. Cheez says:

    Cheese rocks the toasts and the shiz nee. So does Biff!

  15. Guzame says:

    Am I really the only one that think his fireplace looks like Abraham Lincoln?

  16. Well.. at least Biff wont have to buy a fondue set

  17. Hyshinara says:

    i love Gouda 😀
    it’s Dutch cheese

    i could 1/4 of a cheesewheel if i wanted ;D

  18. Jennifer says:

    Guzame Says:

    April 6th, 2007 at 9:11 am
    Am I really the only one that think his fireplace looks like Abraham Lincoln?

    Me too!

    And as for the cheese. You haven’t lived until you’ve smelled the stink of overnuked mozzarella. (Bad bad memories of a college roommate who liked her cheese extra melty.)

  19. Tesla says:

    Well, at least Biff didn’t try installing a sprinkler system in there this time (comic #27)… Though… It may have saved the cheese… It seems he just doesn’t have very good luck with fireplaces.

  20. TsukiNoBara says:

    Heh. I thought he was making a solid gold fireplace for a second. I’m not quite sure if I should be relieved that he was actually using cheese, or to roll my eyes.

  21. PerhapsToast says:

    We have that problem all the time here in Wisconsin.

  22. LemonMango says:

    Cheese Whiz is one chemical away from being glue, and Kraft Singles Slices are one chemical away from being a plastic.

    And havarti is good to melt on toasted chicken sandwiches.

  23. Pickleduck McWeaselpants says:

    Oh God, now I want a fireplace made of cheddar.

    My landlords would have none of it, but a man can dream…a man can dream.

  24. dragonbrad says:

    here you cant leave cheese out in the sun for to long

  25. DMC_Run says:

    I cast my vote for “Hickory-Smoked Extra-Sharp Cheddar”!

    (…pssst, Biff! There are EASIER ways to smoke it yourself – I promise!)

  26. C.B. says:

    My first post. Chris, I just want to say your comics are great. Good for an uplifting laugh, especially considering people are prone to laughing at an other person’s misfortunes. Anyway, this comic reminds me of a story (must have read it in Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader), where an artist wanted to spray a house inside and out with that cheese in a can. The town council was all for hiring this guy to do it, but residents near the picked house said “No way!” – they didn’t want vermin coming to eat the yummy cheese and the stink that would come from all of that cheese going bad…whew!

  27. Synchro says:

    ……I want that fondue…. D:

  28. Wortcov says:

    remids me of spy hard….

    – I’m, going to shoot you soo you look like a zwizz cheese!
    -well, thats no gudda


  29. Tommie says:

    Did he use cheese logs in that fireplace?

  30. KL Sanchez says:

    I love how the cheeseplace looks a sad old man. XD

  31. Chris says:

    Hey C.B. thanks for stopping by 🙂

  32. Phantom says:

    I have to agree with KL Sanches it does look like an old man.

  33. Rocky A says:

    personally i like finding that little shop that only sells european meats and cheeses, when im there i tend to buy a small supply of scandinavian cheddar and swiss allong with some ham or other cured meat and maby salt fish but at arround 25$ for the real saltfish from finland it isent a habbit i may readily support.. also would anyone know of a small shop such as this in northern vancouver island?

  34. Dakras says:

    Hmm, would the top of the chimney also be made of cheddar?

  35. dragonbrad says:

    Dakras>Hmm, would the top of the chimney also be made of cheddar?

    no it would be brick,because biff doesnt want his fire place to be eaten by ants or birds

  36. Ela says:


  37. Brandi says:

    Nachos would be an excellent idea at that point..

  38. zaranath says:

    Nacho’s are good.

  39. Woody says:

    Damn it, boy! Stop building things out of food products.

  40. CynicalSavant says:

    I actually feel kind of sorry for Biff in this one. It’s as if in that single block of cheese he sees the failures of all his ideas and finally comprehends how incapable he is of thinking them through, dooming him for the rest of his existence.

    Or it could just be my imagination.

  41. Jenna says:

    mmm… cheese…

    You should try aged white cheddar – very strong! So good to have after a nice meal, maybe with a glass of wine.

    I happen to like feta cheese best, actually… and havarti, goudda, butter cheese… (I went to Germany last year, and that’s all we ever had for breakfast – bread and cheese… SO good!)

  42. Phantom Blade says:

    what are you talking about, cheese is a great building material!

  43. Bob says:

    ohh, man, make some shells with some tomato sauce and some garlic, add salt, and sprinkle that yellow cheese, i forgot its name, but grate and add it after its in yer bowl, and its so freaking delicious. i could go into greater detail, but i forgot it. maby ill make some for lunch, because its so good

  44. Mint Sharpie says:

    The ex-fireplace looks like it’s about to attack him…

  45. Radical Edward says:

    Cheddar’s fat content makes it perfect for melting, which is another reason not to build houses and objects for houses out of it.

  46. Changeling says:

    *shivers* orange cheese. cheese is not naturally orange.

    This reminds me of when I drove through the midwest. All they had was American Cheese and White Bread. And poor me, the easterner, used to a local store that stocks natural-organic-gourmet stuff in roughly equal porportion to the “regular” food. I was terrified. No portugese bread, no Vermont extra super sharp cheddar, no proper bagels… I nearly starved till we got to Colorado…
    -end rant.

  47. Angel says:

    I thought it was gold at first until I read it, then I lawled very loudly. 😀

  48. Elkian says:

    Hard, smelly cheese walls would be good intruder-deterrants…

  49. Rachel says:

    that seems like something Jim, from my comics would do. he has an IQ of -15 and loves cheese. Reppa, who I force to hang out with him, is a total genius, and once, she invented a stupid proof cheese machine to keep him out of her lab, but he broke it by farting on it. (it was inspired by a dream my brother had) this was made on paper before i started to read your comics.

  50. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    As i’ve said in a previous comment, I eat cheez wiz on graham crackers. I ate a 1lbs block of cheese once. I then proceeded to lay around and do nothng for a while, because my stomach hurt.

  51. Graceofbass says:

    Mmm….. cheddar…. I love cheese. A nice, sharp cheddar is really good, but I love pastrami and swiss cheese on a strong whole wheat or rye bread. THere’s just so much flavor! I also once had some really good goat cheese at some fancy restaurant (the kind where the steaks cost $100 a piece). It was my first and probably last $100 steak, but boy was it good. This is coming from a girl who doesn’t really care for steak, either.

  52. pyrocat100 says:

    Horah! A fireplace made out of cheddar xD.

  53. emthegreat says:

    who else is craving nachos?

  54. Psymon says:

    Lemonmango, you can make plastic and glue from milk–so learning that two processed cheese food products are only “one chemical away” doesn’t really surprise me. (I think you need to add vinegar to get plastic, but the milk-base is the reason Elmer’s Glue has a cow head for a logo.)

  55. Pom Rania says:

    I used to like cheese; but then this one day I got really sick (nothing to do with cheese), and ever after that I haven’t been able to stand the taste and texture of cheese.

  56. revorger says:

    is it just me or does that melting cheese look like Abe Lincoln

  57. Vidja says:

    You’re on to something there revorger

  58. TCC says:

    I LOVE sharp-smoky-chedder… whenever my dad has a good brick of cheese he tends to divy it up late at night into tiny slices. the next day while he’s at work I tend to take a big chunk out of it… I love cheese….

  59. mrmeval says:

    If he used hickory it’s Win^2

  60. Allie says:

    Wow…Biff just needs some pasta shells and he has enough Velveeta to last him a month!

  61. Squid says:

    Yeah when I was in Odyssey of the mind way back when in middle school our group always had some sort of cheese during the meeting so we called ourselves the Chubby Cheddars and even had t shirts made with the name on it. It was amazing

  62. Alakar Voidus says:

    Biff has an issue with cheese, doesn’t he?

  63. JordanTH says:

    My favorite cheese would have to be Extra Sharp Tillamook Cheddar Cheese. MMMMMMM

  64. common comic reader says:

    … But great for nachos!

  65. BrainpanSonata says:

    I don’t like cheddar and other yellow cheeses, actually, My preference has always been for white cheeses like Havarti or Mozzerella. I buy those rectangular blocks of cheese and carve slices straight off the block to eat.

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