#216 – Trampoline

I never had a trampoline but I always wanted one. I got to try one out at this mini golf park. The trampoline was part of a weird one on one basketball type game. There was a mesh screen dividing the trampoline in half and there was a basket above each person’s head higher up than the barrier. The whole thing was then surrounded by the same mesh fabric, so there was no danger of flying balls or children. So each person had to jump high enough to get their ball over the barrier and past the blocking hands of their opponent. It was fun but my knuckles got burned up dragging on that mesh as we bounced around.


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  1. Toshmate! says:

    i looooooove trampolines.. when i was a kid i would run home evry arvo to my trampoline.. best times ever!! dunno about cleaning the windows with one though, Chris.

  2. Toshmate! says:

    p.s. that game sounds so funnnnnn!!!

  3. coebruh13 says:

    Trampolines rock! My brothers and I used to jump on ours all the time until our “slightly-overweight” cousin and her friends broke all the damn triangular metal thingies that attached the springs to the mat. Cleaning second story windows while on a trampoline does not work. Trust me.

  4. Yuccadude says:

    Yeah, my neighbors used to have one and then they got all whiny about people getting hurt and possibly suing them, so they required us to sign a release form to use their trampoline. So we didn’t use it anymore, and then their “slightly-overweight” kids broke it. Long story short, don’t feed your kids Crisco, and they should stay a healthy weight.

  5. dragonbrad says:

    if i know biff,he probobly lost his ladder in a dimm-witted scheme

  6. dragonbrad says:

    his eye brows look quite big this morning

  7. dragonbrad says:

    on #213 he was goin for 14 scoops

  8. phantom says:

    Biff seems to be wearing a fairly large sweater….is it cold? if so washing the windows can always wait ’till it’s warm.

  9. Chris says:

    It’s just a light sweatshirt but I tried to make it look kind of poofy and weightless. :p

  10. plumtreefish says:

    that’s talent! 😀

  11. Reikon Ame says:

    ……….What happens if the tampoline below breaks?
    I doubt Biff would care though worse as happened to him.
    I mean come on. Falling through a tampoline breaking both
    your legs. Good stuff right there good stuff.

  12. kenshin620 says:

    if the trampoline broke, he’ll probably just make another one out of a hammock, a few stakes, and a clothesline. XD

  13. I miss my trampoline, I used to get bedsheets and hold two edges in each hand then jump off from 10 feet in the air and attempt to parachute down, I think it worked once, other times I usually injured myself..

  14. Sir Lancelot says:

    That’s classic. It’s a good thing I can’t surf the web at work, I’d be fired for the loudness of my guffaw…

    …and are Biff’s eyebrows growing? They look especially lengthy today…

  15. Phantom says:

    Blargen-Vargen, I used to do that with plastic bags ending with the same results as yours.

  16. pip says:

    I love his stance! great comic!

  17. GSGold says:

    Trampolines on a basketball court? Sounds like Slamball to me.


    I watched a few games, it looks pretty fun.

  18. dragonbrad says:

    GSGold, please tell me how you took us to that wikipedia link

  19. 66point6 says:

    Ahrgh…I always wanted to have a trampoline when i was a kid. Then, When I was so dissapointed that I really didn’t want one anymore, my parents bought one. I never wanted to play on it, and it always made me irrationally angry to see it sitting, disused, in the yard. I vowed, from that day on, that i would buy one for my kid(s). Now it turns out i can’t have any. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH.

  20. Twilight says:

    that pose is AWESOME haha, I love the idea too. It would just take a while.

  21. Mint Sharpie says:


  22. Radical Edward says:

    I remember going to the fair and I used to ride elephants and jump on trampolines. I was a rough and tumble type.

    Now, I work in an office-style setting where the photocopier and the beasts in the filing cabinet are my enemies

  23. Miranda says:

    I must have been the only one who would wet down a trampoline and pour dishwashing soap on it, making it into the most dangerous slip and slide anywhere. Whenever it started raining my Mom would hide the soap. Fun but realy dangerous.

  24. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    O_O; Soapy Trampoline!? You must be nucking futs!

  25. the Scarf says:

    Since nobody else noticed….Biff is wearing black socks…

    I used to have a little mini trampolene when I was a kid…I kept using it, even after I was way too big to be…

  26. Elkian says:

    *pushes too hard* CRASH!

  27. K-Twist says:

    First time poster, long time reader.

    On trampolines, I’ve been kneed in the eye, headbutted in the stomach, and thrown off onto a hill with rocks jutting out of it. Another was knocked off, and yet another broke his arm. Maybe you shouldn’t have 6 people on at once….

  28. steve-o says:

    You can use trampolines?! I always hang out horizontally with my feet chained to the windowsill!

  29. Coyote says:

    ahhhhhh trampolines…. I loved them as a kid. Then I started teaching gymnastics and my (male) coworker loved to explain why I had to be the one to teach the trampoline section. I believe his explanation in front of the 3-year-olds was “you’re very ‘top heavy’ and I’m not” Didn’t make sense to the 3 year olds, but I was able to chase him outside where he forgot there was a swimming pool. I win. 😛 Still like trampolines, but prefer to jump on them alone. 😀

  30. DaemonThanatos says:

    wow…this is a GREAT way to clean windows! and i miss my old trampoline…may it rest in the many pieces it fell apart into…

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