#201 – Squirrel

I liked climbing trees when I was a kid. There were some tall skinny ones in my back yard that were my favorite. I would climb up near the top and swing back and forth bending the top over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. Just one of the many things I probably shouldn’t have been doing when I was a kid.


25 thoughts on “#201 – Squirrel”

  1. Edd says:

    Shouldn’t have been doing? If you don’t do all the stuff you’re not meant to do as a kid, life is boring. The whole point of being a kid is causing trouble.

    I wish I had a tree to climb to get signal. I live in the middle of England’s second city, AND I CANT GET ANY DAMN SIGNAL.

  2. Blargen-Vargen says:

    …And if you hadn’t of been doing those things you wouldnt have any material to write these comics about!

  3. dragonbrad says:

    i agree with blargen,thats a nice cellphone, can i have it?

  4. dragonbrad says:

    hey i learned somthing on the internet yesterday for paint(the computer program) if you draw somthing with the pensil tool,you hilight it, hold shift,then drag it you get a cool picture

  5. Fishgirl says:

    The squirrels are jealous because I get better reception than them
    So they decided to hack into my phone and run up my phone bill

  6. Ksullvan says:

    Those pesky rodents……Always messing up electronics…..

  7. Cheez says:

    Squirrels rock. hehehe.=]

    I liked climbing trees toio. I remember a couple of times when i fell out. Once, i hit my head on a branch and got a dent for a month or so as well as a mighty concussion. Pity we’re not all as hard-to-damage as Biff, eh?

  8. Mitch says:

    Biff truly understands the wisdom in trusting the rodents.

  9. Elli says:

    Back at my grandparent’s old trailer, there was a tree that was PERFECT for climbing. Last time I climbed that thing, I grabbed a branch and was about to swing down, but my foot got caught in a Y section and I nearly broke my leg. X_x

    Funny comic, though. 😀

  10. kenshin620 says:

    ALternate Title:

    “Biff discovers the joy of using the cellphone camera to take pictures of passerbys.”

  11. Wortcov says:

    I don’t like squirrels, they take my bags of nuts all the time… and no nuts make wortcov a dull boy-_-…

  12. Endless says:


    I’m seeing ads for biff everywhere! Even in old comics like Elftor and “Welcome to Hell.” Biiff gets around.

  13. dragonbrad says:

    squirrels hate me, once i was walkin under a tree( it was abundant with squirrels) the darned thing tossed a twig at me it,could have been a coincidence ,but you could almost hear sth laughing of those demons and thats why i leave the house with an unbrella. 🙂

  14. Lucretiel says:

    How long do you think he’ll be able to hang on that branch while talking on the phone? P.S. who’s he talking to? an visit from Biff’s family might be fun… (winkwink)

  15. Rikapuppy says:

    I used to love climbing trees when I was 5 or so. Made me wonder how I ever got up there. Anyways…that all stopped when I came across a tree marked by a skunk. The smell wouldn’t leave for several days.

  16. I am Satan, I am Jesus Christ says:

    I liked climbing trees too. Just the other day i was driving around with some friends an a bunch of middle school kids threw a snowball from the trees that hit the car. We turned around and turned the highbeams on shining right into the tree. It was funny to see the kids jump out of the tree and scatter.

  17. Zaikanata says:

    No wonder I can’t get connection… those squirrels are running my bill up! *Shot*

  18. Toshmate! says:

    yeah we had a big old fig-tree in my back yard when i was a kid and when you climbed into the center there was a big flat area where all the main branches converged, and when i say big i mean like 2 meter circumference, which is pretty big when your a little kid. i used to think it was a fort but then some days the cows would come and lay down under the tree and i would be scared to get down cause every time they would run i would have to run faster and jump under barbed wire.

    i like that you have put captions under all of your images now about things that have happened to you that relate to you biff drawings in someway.. its been a while but i havnt yet commented about it.

  19. TKort says:

    MMmm fig trees…. I bet you’d get pretty fat squirrels out of those trees (with phat cell phones, no doubt).. IF you have squirrels there, of course.. and biff.. do you have biff there?

  20. Phantom Blade says:

    it works, realy.
    The water in the tree are salty enough and shaped right to act as a natural amplifier when combined with photosynthisis

  21. Rachel says:

    *nods head*

  22. Midare says:

    LOL, my cousin would do the tree-swaying thing when we were kids. Only it wasn’t in the yard but in the willow bluffs. He could do that crap like in Tarzan films or Kung Fu movies… moving along the spindle-thin upper brances of these scrawny trees.

  23. Nugget says:

    I love climbing trees too.

  24. Kitsunie says:

    Pesky moose and sqvirrel.

  25. Cameron says:

    Wait, squirrels can use PHONES? Where did they get them from?

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