#192 – Lip

When I was a kid we would amuse each other by doing this with glass soda bottles. We would see who could have the bottle hang off of their bottom lip the longest. The plastic bottles aren’t nearly as fun. They are just too light.


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  1. amanda says:

    i’m way past bottles. i like to stick large mouthed mugs to the bottom half of my face.

  2. Alexander The 1st says:

    Besides, plastic bottles don’t make that awesome sound glass makes when it falls. And the glass shards; can’t forget the shards.

    Eh, I’ve been reading your comic for a while – I’m still reading the archives, but I figured I might as well post a comment.

  3. calan ree says:

    i want those sneakers, biff! gimme!

  4. Fishgirl says:

    I’ve seen pictures of people with lip piercings big enough to fit the top of a bottle in them…

  5. cyber95 says:

    This is why my lips are outside of the rim when drinking, and never inside of the rim.

  6. Shadow says:

    I’m just surprised that his eyebrows fit! =P

  7. dragonbrad says:

    awsome i wantto be sucked in a bottle i could start a cheap diving schoolwith bottles( stuff little kids in there) and throw them in, πŸ™‚ yo chris great comics , you should get animations on these comics, who doesn’t like flash videos

  8. dragonbrad says:

    >dragonbrad, do you like sitting in waiting rooms?

    >no I dont , but I like the fact that the vending machines have those little bags of mini cookies, but the waiting rooms smell like old people and they don’t have any air conditioning and the vending machines don’t have any quarters, so you put a two dollar bill in there and you dont get any quarters back ( darn those morons).

  9. geeklord says:

    Biff has lips?

  10. Roy_vf1s says:

    Brilliant, Chris! I can remember doing this as a kid, too!

    calan: I beat ya to it – my girlfriend got me a pair of olive colored chucks for Valentine’s Day. πŸ˜€

  11. Mal says:


    I’m surprised he could get his lips in the bottle.

  12. Elli says:

    Whenever I see this I think of that old Coke commercial/advert.

  13. Akashe says:

    I got a blood blister on my face by doing this once.

    By the way Chris, you are the reason i’m not doing too well in Computer class.

  14. Chris says:

    Akashe, you’re welcome for the distraction. πŸ™‚

  15. some kid says:

    i notes that you said sucking


  16. some kid says:

    i think i took the wrong pills

  17. machine146 says:

    Lol that would be funny to see him walk around like that.

  18. DMC_Run says:

    If only I had that much breath-control, I’d be SO MUCH more popular with the ladies… (…insert HEAVY SIGH here…) …maybe THEN they’d say I was a good kisser…

  19. Greywolf says:


    I’m out! Wow, GREAT way to end a Friday, trolling through this little archive!

    It’s Bizarro meets The Far Side meets Dr. Fun. Chris, great stuff!

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Chris says:

    Thanks for all the comments Greywolf, have a good weekend. πŸ™‚

  21. Izzarella says:

    Hey, I do that! Not the sucking my entire body into a bottle, but sticking my lip in and letting it hang. I also like sucking the air out of Mountain Dew bottles.

  22. dragonbrad says:

    yo this my first comment from my nintendo wii, you can go to the internet,please reply chris

  23. Kitty says:

    Hey! I clicked on the banner ad at Penny & Aggie, and I found a really cool comic. ^__^
    This is really funny, and I totally remember the lava-floor thing a few strips ago. I think I did sharks, too..

  24. some kid says:

    hahaha Bizarro i soooo took thewrong pill
    i feel funny and “Bizarro” all over
    im allllllllllllllllll kinds of loopy and stuff

  25. Wayne says:

    Interesting… he sort of resembles Mr. Shmallow from http://www.homestarrunner.com (if you haven’t been there yet, you need to. Everybody! Everybody!), or maybe a Zoombini.

    Oh yes, and…

  26. Cheez says:

    I remember i did that with a glass once. I got a bruise. For a week, I was saying I was punched in the face because it was kinda embarrassing.

  27. Psykonerd says:

    I just read from the first comic to here.

    I can sing funny songs if i hold my nose! =D

    Its your comics fault.

    Thank you so much.

  28. Ocarinak says:

    Haha, I remember doing this. xD Terribly unpleasant and embarrassing to explain bruises resulted, as I recall.
    So, I just went through the archives: awesome comic, Chris, and the five-day-a-week updates sound refreshing. I don’t visit many webcomics that update so frequently, and mosty of the ones I have aren’t nearly so amusing (an exception, of course, being Questionable Content- and what an exception it is). =D Keep up the good work.

    Wayne: Wow, he really does look like Mr. Shmallow. o.o

  29. Chris says:

    Thanks Ocarinak, updating 5 times a week is difficult but rewarding.

  30. Elli says:

    One time, I sucked my lips into a juice glass. I didn’t bruise, but I looked like I had red freckles all around my mouth for a week.

  31. Tim says:

    The trouble with growing a beard is that it is now impossible for me to do such things any more. I miss sticking mugs to my face.

  32. Zombie Jesus says:

    Spin the Biff…lulz

  33. Radical Edward says:

    I’m surprise that sort of thing hasn’t happened to me…I tend to drink Fuze and the bottles have an extremely tight grip on your face.

  34. Frank says:

    Yea, we used to do that too back in the day…

  35. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    for me, it was plastic cups on my entire lower jaw. One time, i did it so long that my chin actually bruised under the pressure.

  36. Hoboapple says:

    Don’t give him a bottle…

  37. Mikoangelo says:

    He looks just like the guy from Tonic Trouble…

  38. Rachel says:

    *nods head*

  39. Dragonlet says:

    I tried to breakdance on carpet once…a handstand went bad and I wound up with rug burn just above my upper lip…thankfully I was alone, so I could lie about it…

  40. Elkian says:

    I can do that witha styrofoam cup.
    The sucking, not sucking into.
    I can keep it on my face, adn collapse soda bottles.

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