#1898 – Weiner

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17 thoughts on “#1898 – Weiner”

  1. ENDG4MER says:

    Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener…

    1. bubujin_2 says:

      Yep, have that ad jingle stuck in my head now!

  2. hoopajoo says:

    Biff now has the best pick-up line ever & the ability to back it up!: “Want to see my huge wiener?”

    1. bubujin_2 says:

      And I bet he would relish the opportunity.

      1. reynard61 says:

        Ha! Just wait ’til you see his buns!

        1. hoopajoo says:

          “Girl, you never sausage a wiener!”

          1. reynard61 says:

            Well, first we’ve gotta ketchup to it and see if it can cut the mustard…

          2. Wizard says:

            You’re falling behind, try to ketchup.

  3. I love that the car looks so happy!

  4. Wind Lane says:

    I am so happy to see new Biff comics again!

  5. boog says:

    Worth every penny, I’m sure.

  6. kingklash says:

    that’s why there’s a flying tortilla in my carport!

    1. Marscaleb says:

      It’s called an Avrocar.

  7. Marscaleb says:

    This page made me laugh out loud!

  8. Marscaleb says:

    This car made me laugh out loud again!

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