#1874 – Wait

Why didn’t I just go inside?! I would be done eating by now! Why does this stearing wheel taste so salty?

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5 thoughts on “#1874 – Wait”

  1. Sam says:

    Biff has teeth? I thought he lost them months ago

  2. I think it looks more like severe road rage than Biff being hungry, but hey… Let’s just hope that the steering wheel is tasty…

  3. kingklash says:

    Hunger-frustration! Probably the unspoken reason Sonic Drive-Ins are popular ’round these parts. You park, order, and the food comes to you.

  4. One time the person in front of me at Jack in the Box took for-freakin-ever, and all I ordered was a dollar chicken sandwich. They ended up giving it to me for free, saying it was an apology for the wait, and I believe that, but I think it was also an attempt to more quickly assist the person behind ME.

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