#1824 – Gluteus

Every once in awhile I’ll freak out thinking that I gained a bunch of weight overnight. My jeans are suddenly so tight that I don’t even need to wear a belt. Then it dawns on me that I’m wearing them for the first time after a wash. By the end of the day everything has stretched out back to normal.

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4 thoughts on “#1824 – Gluteus”

  1. So Biff doesn’t have a butt anymore? Will he just fall down if he tries to sit on a chair? (No, I don’t even know how that’s supposed to work…)

  2. dzamie says:

    Lookin’ like a fool wit’ yo’ pants on the ground!

  3. kingklash says:

    “You guys are so un-hip, it’s a wonder your bums don’t fall off!” -Zaphod Beeblebrox

    1. Wizard says:

      I’m so cool, you could keep a side of beef in me for a week. I’m so hip, I have difficulty seeing over my pelvis.

      I get stranger things than you free with my breakfast cereal!

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