#1806 – Revealing

I have a great track record of leaving my pants unzipped. Not when I’m just hanging out at home though. Mostly at parties and big family get togethers. Where the maximum number of people get accosted by it.

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3 thoughts on “#1806 – Revealing”

  1. There was a teacher who told us about a weird moment when all of the students (not us, some other students) were unusually quiet and paid a lot of attention. But of course, they weren’t actually that interested in what the teacher was trying to teach them… His fly was open!

    This story became something of a running gag, and if we would start laughing at something, the teacher would ask us (jokingly): “Is my fly open?”

  2. Peter Wolff says:

    Now we know that Biff is actually aware of the Matrix he’s living in.

  3. kingklash says:

    There was that one time when my head got one of those ransomware fake FBI screens, and I couldn’t get through the door.

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