#180 – Baggage

My suitcase blends in with most of the other common ones at the airport. I’ve picked up the wrong one by mistake a few times. I now tie bits of string or ribbons on it to give me a better chance of recognizing it right away. Hopefully nobody will ever take mine by mistake.


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  1. Matthew says:


  2. Zheden says:

    I leave every tag and sticker on mine that I’ve gotten since being in the Army…got quite a few of them on there now. Plus some sticker that someone slapped onto it, lol. Makes it much easier to figure out which one is mine 😛

    Otherwise it’d just look like every other big black suitcase.

  3. Hesselgrave says:

    I just make sure to buy the most horrendous suitcase out there. Like an orange one with gaudy purple stripes. Never gets lost, that thing. Or stolen, for that matter :]

  4. Ghostviper says:

    dood i always fill out those little paper thingys they have and leave them on my suitcase, so there’s leik 20 on it, and a blue plastic thingy, so it looks like there is confetti coming out of it… ^^

    also– great comic, its been very helpful in distracting me from doing my 7-10 page senior paper KTHANX, and isnt that wat every web comic is for?/1? i especially like the humor and lack of plot… makes for no excuse not to be funny!

    u just got a new fan!

  5. Ashe says:

    I learned right after joining the Navy to make sure you can recognize your gear, seeing as every green duffel bag looks alike. I braided some red and blue ribbons togeteher and attached them to my duffel. Now I can tell which bag is mine even in a large pile of them.

  6. ninjakyrosaki says:

    Heh, reminds me of flying in/out of Washington DC all summer. I tied a big red bandanna to mine.

    ‘course the truly scary thing about Airport Security? I have a 5 in (10.5cm) titanium plate and 5 1in (2.5cm) screws anchored to my right clavicle (I shattered it in 06 on mom’s 40th birthday.) Doesn’t set off metal detectors. Once in Detroit, MI, I was in a NWS Airport there, and was selected to go through advanced screening. I had a full ninja shozoku and martial arts gear in my laptop case carry-on.

    No questions asked.

  7. Gamil Zirak says:

    This comic reminds me of my baggage at the airport. My mom and dad got these nuclear pink bags back in the 70’s, back when those colors were not considered crimes against humanity.

    Needless to say, I’m sure biff gets more looks at the airport than me carrying that around, although alot of people giggle at me and my bag..

  8. Lsharp says:

    i have a pink suitcase with purple ribbons now…
    i always accedently get the wrong one

    my original was black xD

  9. Robert says:

    I don’t want to know what’s inside it…

  10. Roy_vf1s says:

    Gyah… and I thought I was bad for leaving all the tags on my duffel and hooking a picture keyring on with my girlfriend’s picture in it, tied on with a pink carabiner and blue window tassels…

  11. Dadi says:

    Haha yeah always when I leave the gate and go get my luggage I tend to pick up someone else’s by mistake and they always run over to me thinking I was trying to steal it or something ^^ .
    Man I think I should start using putting on of those ribbons or something on my stuff so I can stop picking up other people’s stuff ^^.

    Great comic as usual Chris.

  12. Top tip. Next time before flying stash a large amount of crack cocain into your bag.

    The guys from customs will do your bag collection for you , & escort you past all the long queues at pass port control & sit you down for a nice chat and a cup of tea.


  13. Zheden says:

    Ninja you reminded me of my fun bit on the way to Iraq…
    You see, I had a set of 24 stainless steel chopsticks.
    Could quite easily be turned into weapons.
    Airport security didn’t care about them at all, just waved it on…
    They confiscated my little thing of chapstick.
    Go figure.


  14. Ahmed says:

    Baggage claim at Dubai was terrible
    We picked up at least half a dozen wrong bags untill ours ca me at 2am
    which was two hours after we reached the place.

  15. thetomman989 says:

    I do belive that that bag ate the other ones… It would explain why the rest of the rack is empty…

  16. Endless says:

    I have a Mii named and shaped like Biff

  17. Chris says:

    Endless, send me a pic!

  18. jamesthegoose says:

    heheh. It looks like the covenant bomb from Halo 2.

  19. calan ree says:

    looks like a giant rubber sea urchin to me.

  20. prometheus says:

    I have a bag like that. it works well, but sometimes it gets stuck to the carousel and I get dragged along trying to pull it off.

  21. kenshin620 says:

    I think biff’s pet puffer fish is in there…..his giant one

  22. Mitch says:

    At first glance, I mistook that for a Navy mine from WW1. Then I realized that that might not clear airport security…

  23. Black says:

    If you ever played Halo 2 and beat the first level…
    You would know that looks like the bomb. Biff is dangerous…more to himself, though.

  24. DisgruntledBadger says:

    Where on earth can I go to get a bag like that? I think it’s neat! Plus the weird looks I’d get whilst toting it around would provide me hours of entertainment.

  25. Rocky A says:

    ive seen a fruit like that at the store .. maby it was a fruit maiby it was for people .. who knows.

  26. BinaryBible says:

    I had no trouble finding my bag at the airport yesterday… it was the one with the neon green airport tag that said “USE CAUTION WHEN LIFTING”.

  27. APic says:

    Knowing Biff, inside that case is probably his pillow.

  28. pieman says:

    Just write “this is a bomb” on it. no-one will take it, and it will always end up at security, so you know where it is.

  29. DemonRex says:

    Huh. The luggage got fed up with getting shipped to aruba, so it developed some natural defenses.

  30. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    On our recent vacation, we put neon-green duct tape on the outside of our suitcases. It was very easy to spot them getting loaded onto the plane from the waiting area.

  31. Dracat says:

    On my vacations, we always manage to find our black luggage because we have identifiers. Mine is a pink scrunchie and my parents’ is a combination pink and purple scrunchies. However, there have been times where we have picked up other ppl’s luggage before putting it back but luckly, the people going to Portugal are too exausted from the flight to get angry at us. At least, that’s what I think…

    Btw, Dracat is short for Dragoncat… However, Dracat is so original that I usually use it…

  32. Hoboapple says:

    He should just tie a string around it.

  33. Rachel says:

    I can tell why.

  34. Garrett says:


    It’ll make it more identifiable and be very relevant.

  35. Barret says:

    My family ties pom-poms to our suit-case handles for recignition.

  36. pyrocat100 says:

    Oh man, I want a bag like that, I could imagen the look on all the people’s faces at the airport xD.

  37. Elkian says:

    I have a BIG TAG ™, bright green, but I once saw someone who’d slung paint over all their bags.

  38. Elkian says:

    @ pieman: love it. Always at security….
    even more conspicuous: “This is not a bomb. Don’t worry.”

  39. Felix says:

    A friend of mine has lime green luggage.

  40. yeremy yao says:

    im totally buying that

  41. Torg says:

    Airport security must hate a bag that doubles as a bladed weapon.

  42. "rar" -ivy says:


  43. Mad Mule says:

    i have an old diving tank case which i use as my suitcase and i have yet to mistake it for someone else’s

  44. solar says:

    my suitcase is bright green and fairly easy to find

  45. the_gail says:

    when I went to ireland i took my mom’s ancient blue hard side suitcase, needless to say it wasn’t hard to find, the black rolling one my dad loaned me was harder to find, even with ribbons tied on it.

  46. Mr. Horseradish says:

    I’m not going to ask where he got that bag.

  47. Soltueur says:

    I want a puffer fish bag!

  48. Hornswaggler says:

    -want- I’m going to Wyoming this summer, and can only imagine the trouble I’ll have finding my bag. XD It’s black. A black rolly suitcase…Maybe I should sling paint on it…

  49. Darth Vader: Is that your ba-
    Emperor: For the hundredth time, NOT THAT IS NOT MY BAG. My bag doesn’t have a stripe on it! It’s like that stripey bag is taunting me. Welp, thats it. My luggage is gone. Sacrificed to the Airport Gods!

  50. Filip says:

    Just to make sure we have the right protection.

  51. extremist343 says:

    Brilliant! make sure your bag looks gaudy and/or dangerous so no one else takes it!

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