#1785 – Seated

I used to go see movies at the drive-in all the time when I was a kid. They were always “double features”. Two movies for the price of one. This was probably around 3 hours total for the 2 films together. I don’t think I could stand watching 2 movies in a row anymore at a theater. Maybe at my house where I can move around and take as many breaks as I wanted.

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7 thoughts on “#1785 – Seated”

  1. Falos says:

    I’d have predicted that commercial “streamlining” and skeletonizing would’ve rush stories into even quicker delivery, but apparently the reverse is true and we increasingly see television series deliver the epic sagas of today’s bards, who become less pigeonholed by restrictions on their storytelling. At least sometimes.

    My friend has never made it through a LotR film without dozing off, and I’m okay with that. Ideally, art would never be compromised or diluted.

  2. kingklash says:

    Looks like something William Castle would have tried if the movie was scary enough.

  3. ZeoViolet says:

    I imagine, then, that this is also soundproofed and odor absorbent?

  4. pbarnrob says:

    Industrial-size rolls of swipe under the front of every seat; instead of roll towels for the popcorn grease (sometimes butter!)

  5. boog says:

    What no pillows?

  6. I try to go to the movies in the morning so that I don’t have anything to drink beforehand. In my daily life, I use the restroom every two hours (and sometimes more than that). I somehow made it through an afternoon viewing of The Hobbit part 1. The price I paid was that about 5 min after relieving myself I had to go again and it was about the same amount. Is there some kind of reservoir that holds excess urine and then empties into your bladder once there’s room again? Because that wasn’t the first time that happened to me.

  7. I guess I probably couldn’t stand watching 2 movies in a row, even if I’d watch them at home and I could take however many breaks I’d want to. I would probably just be completely unable to concentrate at the movie after a while, but that’s just the way I am. Even if I’d stay by the TV, I would start doing something else after a while, with the movie still running in the background.

    *Listens to the movie* “Yeah, that’s interesting, blah blah. -Wow, I’ve finished solving all the sudokus in the sudoku book!”

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