#178 – Dishes

Sometimes you are really hungry and the proper eating utensils aren’t available. I’ve eaten cereal out of a mixing bowl. I’ve eaten soup with a serving spoon. Back when I worked at that ice cream store I wanted to make myself a chili cheese dog for lunch but we ran out of hot dog buns. That was the day the Cup-O-Chili-Cheese-Dog was invented.


59 thoughts on “#178 – Dishes”

  1. Zheden says:

    Haha, thats awesome. Many a time I’ve had milk and cereal in a cup…with no spoon 😛
    I love Barracks life, lol.

  2. Phlegmatic says:

    When I was younger my grandma(Both, actually.) always used to buy those little individual serving cereals that openned up into a bowl. Only time I could be convinced to eat healthy stuff when there was surgury goodness around, was when it was the only little box left.

  3. calan ree says:

    haha i love this one. biff is such an innovator.

    killer job on the coloring, too.

  4. Dustin says:

    HAH! Read this one as i was eating my morning cereal — with a FORK because our dishes haven’t been done. Frelling awesome, Chris!

  5. Gamil Zirak says:

    Yea, definitely good advice for college students. However, I’ll ignore the rational message and just follow the way of biff.

    Oh man, that would be a kick ass martial art. “Spinning dragon kick followed by the way of biff!”

  6. Chris says:

    That is awesome Dustin. 🙂

  7. dari says:

    heh, reminds me of when i made hot chocolate, and due to dirty dishes, ended up drinking from the pot that i made the hot chocolate in…

  8. Madness says:

    I usuallt take my dishes from the dish washer, but lol.

  9. Will says:

    hmm… i think i might end up having a Cup-O-Chili-Cheese-Dog for lunch sometime soon…

  10. binraker says:

    There was an ad campaign for Kelloggs Crunchy Nut over here in the UK with almost that exact theme only it was a woman in a car who couldn’t wait to get home from the supermarket. Great idea though! keep up the good work!

  11. Just for the records, you got a new reader.
    178 strips in a row. Great work !

    btw… i miss the Year and Signature tag on the side of the strip. Doesn’t matter now that they are all new comics, but’l help the next generation to check your evolution.

  12. Chris says:

    Thanks Rafael. Yeah I wasn’t sure what to do about the signature and date. I think I decided it was too prominent but I haven’t decided on a new location for it.

  13. saturnfaerie says:

    Once upon a time, I had a bestfriend whom we used to spend all our free time together. We were always together.
    It’s funny becuase this strip reminded me of him. He NEVER used to do his dishes. I’d actually have to do them for him, just so *I* could eat over there. lol. Anyway, it got so bad a couple of times, he threw out ALL his pots, pans, glasses, and dishes (including the cutlery).
    Then he bought new ones at Wal-Mart.
    Then he went through a phase were all he did was eat off paper products, and use plastic cutlery and cups. It was kinda pathetic.

    So when I saw this strip, that’s immediatly what I thought of, while having a good hearty laugh. *wipes tears away*

    I love Biff!!!

  14. Alchav says:

    I eat out of all kinds of containers, and drink out of measuring cups a lot. Why wash dishes until ALL available things for eating/drinking have been used?

  15. Dallin says:

    Oh, awesome. Not long ago I had a Bowl-O-Diced-Cheeseburger due to a lack of hamburger buns. Of course, I didn’t realize I had no buns until after I cooked the patty, so my only option was to chop up the meat and condiments and stir it together in a bowl.

    It was actually pretty good that way.

  16. T.S. says:

    My computer area is very cluttered and, consequently, I only have room for a coaster on which a single glass can sit… So, if I eat anything at the computer, I have nowhere to set it down (without fear of accidentally spilling it on stuff, anyway). So, when I’m in the mood for cereal, this is what I do. (this works especially well with frosted mini-wheats). Simply fill a glass with milk… bring both the glass and box of cereal to the computer area… set the glass on the coaster and the box on the floor next to the chair… Reach down and take a few mini’s… drink some milk while some mini’s are still in mouth… let it all soak in for a second before consuming…
    I’ve accidentally gone through a whole box of mini’s this way without realizing… haha…

  17. Wiz Rollins says:

    Brilliant stuff, Chris!

  18. Tinned Moron says:

    On the sketch Biff was facing the other way. I also think there was a stack of dirty dishes behind him, but I can’t go back and check, this is going to drive me nuts until I forget about five minutes later, then I’ll remember it at about midnight when I get up to visit the smallest room, then I won’t be able to get back to sleep.

    I hope you’re happy, I’m deprived of enough already.

  19. some kid says:

    i eat my peas with honey

    done it all my life

    yes it tastes quite funny

    but it keeps them on my knife

  20. TKort says:

    T.S. : this is important.. do the mini wheats stay crunchy that way?!!? I think he might have FIGURED IT OUT! Someone call Biff!!!

  21. Iethloc says:

    This reminds me of the time I got a pudding cup at lunch during a club meeting…and there was no spoon included in my lunch bag. So…I had to use that little plastic-like lide thing to scoop pudding into my mouth.


    Same thing happened with Jell-O Gelatin, but was a lid unsuitable for such a thing, so I just had to eat it out of the mini-plastic dish/bowl like thingy.

    It’s only a matter of time until I have to do the same thing with cereal…

  22. Pickleduck McWeaselpants says:

    Oh, I’ve walked that road before…

    Keep it up, these are great.

  23. Iethloc – I’ve eaten pudding without a spoon before also, but I didn’t use the lid as a utensil… Yeah, chicks dig it, lol. 😉

  24. T.S. says:

    To answer your question, TKort… It’s all up to you… how long you let the cereal soak in the milk in your mouth before you swallow determines how crunchy it is… If you like it really crunchy, then finish it off right away… If you don’t like it extremely crunchy, then let it sit there for a moment… Either way, it’s good cereal that way…

  25. Rikapuppy says:

    Is it only me who noticed that Biff’s spoon is about the size of his finger?

  26. Leslie says:

    Family tradition: When we have no clean bowls, eat out of zip-lock cube containors. If we dont have thoes, zip-lock sandwich bags. and spoons?

    Thoes little slim-fast measureing cupthings.


  27. Spoons says:

    I have eaten cereal out of a bowl several times without a spoon. Upon mastering not choking on small cereal peices, It is now my preferred method of entry in the mornings, due to getting up later than I intended

  28. Haragorn says:

    Agh! I tried to eat pudding with just the lid, but I cut my lip! I them switched to using a spoon, upon noticing the large quantities of blood on the lid.

  29. prometheus says:

    A lot of the time, when I make hamburgers or hotdogs, I’m out of buns, so I use regular bread. The condiments make it soggy, and the patty or dog fall on the floor. It makes me sad.

  30. Trae says:

    It’s very strange. I could not stop laughing when I read this one. A good four minutes of muffled laughing because I had a saltine (some might know it as a soda cracker) in my mouth at the time.

  31. sueper says:

    Things got so bad
    I bought a dish washer lol

  32. Fenix says:

    Fortunately, I have more dishes than what fits on the sink… So I know I have to wash the dishes once I cannot put anymore plates…

  33. kenshin620 says:

    What the hell happened to his slingshot?….oh wait…yeah….I borrowed it…hee hee

  34. Zaq says:

    You know, speaking as an already improvisation-happy dorm-dwelling college student, I probably shouldn’t be reading things like this. Might give me ideas.

    New reader, by the way. Love the strip. Wish I could remember where I got linked from. Shortpacked, maybe? Did you buy ads there? This is gonna bug me until I remember, but whatever. I’m hooked.

  35. bAT L. says:

    Wow, normally I can find a few ways I relate to Biff in most comics, but this one really takes it. I’ve done exactly what he’s doing in the comic before for the same reason. One day, me and my former roommate both refused to do the dishes. We were also incredibly hungry and had no cash to go out to eat, however. The answer: spaghetti in large plastic McDonald’s cups! It actually worked out pretty well … until we got to the bottom when the spaghetti schlooped into our faces like Biff with the frozen glass of water.

    Also, last week, I ordered Chinese food from a place I never had before. Apparently, they don’t give you a fork or chopsticks or anything and I had to use some large scissors to cut a fork out of the lid from the container. It worked terribly and I ended up eating the rest with my hand and typing with my other hand.

    And those little containers of pudding or applesauce, I actually prefer to eat them without a spoon. It’s faster and I can do a more thorough job!

  36. Rocky A says:

    ohh the memories, cutting a big box like the little ones and realizing why they have the tear lines. camping without a spoon and using a fishing spoon or ice fishing and forgetting everything but the beans then resorting to cooking in the can over coals and carving one from a stick. learning why a bbq hamburger is possible while bbq bacon burger is not. making chopsticks for ramen since i was moving and had already packed the forks… another thing that works is margarine containers as bowls .. the plus is that you can close them if you take too much.

  37. Rocky A says:

    update… well more of a plea for help. if you only have one sink as opposed to those nice dual sinks, how DO you wash dishes… run to the bathroom and back?

  38. THORBLITZER says:

    Heh. When I worked in a restaurant in high school, I wanted a chicken salad sandwich one day, but we were out of bread. I ended up eating it between two slices of cheese, which I still do to this day!

    I’ve also run out of spoons and resorted to using small measuring cups for soup and yogurt and such. It would probably be just as easy to drink it out of the bowl though.

  39. Devi says:

    i’ve used Cheetos as crutons…and i regret nothing.

    heh, i’ve also eaten cereal out of a cup…but we were out of milk so i used evaporated milk…and we were out of cereal so i used trail mix.
    i amaze myself.

  40. mic says:

    Improv breakfast. I almost always eat my cereal from a cup.

  41. Frank says:

    My friend actually did this once. The wax lining keeps the milk from leaking out.

  42. DemonRex says:

    What did the poor box do to deserve that aweful fate?

  43. Dracat says:

    Ok, my food things I’ve did. I usually eat fruit cups/yogurt without a spoon and I usually drink it.

    As for missing utensils, it doesn’t get serious in my house usually but I have needed to use a mug instead of a cup for drinks or mug instead of bowl or even bowl instead of mug or cup. Sometimes, you don’t get lucky and I also consider it need to do dishes if I need to eat my spaghetti in a plate instead of a bowl.

  44. Hoboapple says:

    I should soooo do that.

  45. Rachel says:

    once, my mom worked at burger king, and her boss was cool, so when she was done with her shift, which was when it closed, she and one of the people she worked with made random burger creations, and one time she created something they actually put on the menu for a while. (they took it off when i was really little.

  46. Melindotty says:

    ice cream on a paper plate eaten with a serving fork.

  47. Marthion says:

    Too bad Biff gave up on eating his cereal before it gets soggy…

  48. the Scarf says:

    Ah….when my dad was in collage, he lived in a house with a bunch of other guys. They had a system for the chores. This one guy always took out the trash but NEVER washed the dishes.

    The Solution? Use paper plates! The guy apparently got very mad at the amount of trash he was having to take out…

  49. Lisa says:

    his left pinky seems off
    i only mention this because chris is usually flawless at drawing hands.

  50. Justin says:

    Hey Zheden, I always eat cereal with out a spoon in a cup, it saves on dishes!

  51. Bazza says:

    When I was a wee bit younger in my teen years, my mum used to leave me in the house while she holidayed and what not, and, unacustomed to regular dish cleaning, I would let them just pile up.
    One morning when I began eating my Fruitloops out of my mum’s expensive teapot and making my before-school coffe in a small sugar pot, I realised I may have to do the dishes.

  52. Marr965 says:

    I quite often just eat cereal, WITH NO MILK, from the packet.

  53. Renan says:

    marr965 iwas just going to ask if i was the only one.

  54. codenameV says:

    I’ve done that, its more effective than you’d think

  55. Howls Like Wolf says:

    Put some cereal in your mouth, take a swig of milk, chew and swallow.

  56. BrainpanSonata says:

    Oh, dang, I was supoosed to do the dishes today and forgot… Looks like another night of eating TV dinners with spoons.

  57. ArsonWolf says:

    when i run out of bowls, i use: the coffee pot, a plastic bag, a football helmet, or a traffic cone

  58. BaconPlus says:

    First time posting, but this comic is great! I usually direct my friends at Maximumble or here for a random comic I just read as I go through the archives (it took a week, but I’m on the current Mumbles). I had a moment similar to your chili dogs moment when I was cooking bratwurst and found my family ate all the buns I had bought earlier in the week. My solution was using taco shell/cheese/sauce since I’d already cooked the bratwurst, and saw no taco meat. Thus the Bratco was concocted. I was at a loss for how delicious it was.

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