#1768 – Blow

There’s something special about milk bubbles. They are more fun to make because you usually are not suposed to be doing it. Plus then you get to drink them up.

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8 thoughts on “#1768 – Blow”

  1. Now I remember why I wanted to drink through a straw that often when I was a little kid!

  2. R. E. Hunter says:

    But you don’t need a straw to make bubbles in the bath!

    1. boog says:

      Proper milk bubbles are made with a straw. This is the way man has done it since the dawn of time.

      1. R. E. Hunter says:

        But it’s not how bubbles are traditionally made in the bath 8^}

        1. boog says:

          Hey, I never said using a straw would be pleasant.

          1. kingklash says:

            Is Lactose Intolerance a factor in this conversation?

          2. Roborat says:

            probably not going to need a straw then.

  3. Ziriath says:

    I know about an another way how to provide one’s own bubbles!

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