#1755 – Squishy

I wonder how many alien ships are stuck at the bottom of the ocean because they just had no concept of what water is.

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8 thoughts on “#1755 – Squishy”

  1. boog says:

    The surface of this planet is so… so soft… like a *yawn* pillow…

    Just give me a… a few… *snore*

    1. kingklash says:

      The Memory Foam Planet.

  2. I like how the rocks seem to sink down in the surface of the planet too, and not just the spaceship! I wonder what kind of creatures there could be on a planet with such a soft surface? Pillow monsters, maybe?

    1. sv_01 says:

      I imagine slender creatures with wide feet and possibly wings. And maybe some horrible underground slugs that would act a bit like sandworms.

  3. john augustine says:

    The ocean question reminds me of Zaphod Plays It Safe, the short story published at least in The Salmon of Doubt.

  4. pbarnrob says:

    Captain Jack, I sure hope this thing can take off from underneath the surface, ’cause it looks like we’re about to break through!

  5. Mr. Meval says:

    There’s a Perry Rhodan novelette that has the story of an alien planet that absorbs anything that lands on it. The only way the crew of the ship survived was by marching till they get to the only high rock on the planet. The whol surface is covered in gray goo and I believe it preceded the term ‘gray goo’ when referring to nanotech.

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