#1747 – Flow

I’m usually standing at the sink washing my hands when a little thought creeps into the back of my head. “Hmm… you flushed the toilet but it seems rather quiet. There should have been a loud rushing sound by now… OH NO!”

Also, if you love comic strips and cartoonists like I do you’ll want to check out this Kickstarter for an amazing documentary called STRIPPED. Lots of traditional newspaper and new webcartoonists are included. It’s gonna be so great!

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10 thoughts on “#1747 – Flow”

  1. *Imagines a rabid space toilet belching water everywhere*

    I find it quite interesting that we don’t see the toilet in question in the picture, but I imagine that the toilet scene would look pretty insane if we could actually see it…

  2. boog says:

    That’s terrible, but at least the toilet is safely clogged and you don’t have to worry about any of the foulness past the gooseneck flowing back into the room.

    I don’t imagine that toilets designed for potentially zero-gravity scenarios are at all designed in such a way that either of our fears are valid, but it’s still terrifying to think about.

  3. Dan says:

    AmI wrong for thinking that this is the first caption stated in the first person voice. I mean, it isn’t it’s “In my nightmares”, not “In Biff’s Nightmares.” I feel like this is significant. We now know that the omnipresent narrator has nightmares of Biff’s gravity and plumbing failing at the same time.

    1. Chris says:

      Not the first, but it’s rare.

  4. I had an overflowing toilet at work the other day. The problem is that I was gone when it happened, and our toilets have automatic flush, so it tried to flush several times before I even got back.

  5. kingklash says:

    Great! Now I’m going to have this nightmare!

  6. trueblaze says:

    Lol this reminds me of a Traveler game (a pen and paper table top game set in space) I was in: We were captured by an enemy ship and taken to their bridge to nagotate our surrender. As our captain was talking to theirs one of our team asked to use the restroom on the bridge. They allowed him to and while he was in there he used a role of toilet paper to stuff up the toilet so it would keep running non-stop. He came back out and waited for a while as the captains continued to chat. After a few minutes he began talking to our guard about waterfalls and running water until it made the guard have to pee. So the guard walked over to the bathroom door (an air tight door), opened it, and was hit by a massive wall of toilet water. As the water flooded in, people began running around and slipping in confussion and my friend walked over to the gravity control pannel, grabbed hold as hard as he could and repeatedly turned the gravity on and off causing everyone (and the toilet water) to go flying in every direction then slam back into the floor over and over. And he didn’t stop until everyone of the bridge crew, and most of our own people, were knocked out.

    By the time their crew woke up, we had them tied up and had taken control of their ship and it was then time to discuss THEIR surrender.

    1. VaguelyCreepy says:

      I know it’s late and you may never see this, but as someone who recently started his own foray into tabletop gaming (Rogue Trader), I have to say that that is AWESOME.

  7. Marscaleb says:

    This page made me laugh out loud!

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