#172 – Pool

I have dreams that I can breathe under water. I’ll be escaping from a bad guy of some sort and wind up hiding in a pool or a lake. I sink down deep and hold my breath at first but something in my head compels me to take a breath. The water is icy cold in my lungs but it feels good and I know that I can stay there forever and never be caught.


0 thoughts on “#172 – Pool”

  1. CJ says:

    Hope Biff doesn’t get a submarine. He’ld probably end up opening the the hatch because he’s Biff.

    Anyways, that does make sence as to why it is always locked…

  2. I am Satan, I am Jesus Christ says:

    I always wondered where that door led to I’m so glad Biff exists cuz now i know without suffering the same fate as him.

  3. T.S. says:

    A basement door on his pool…? Geez… that makes about as much sense as a screen door on a battleship…

    (someone please get the reference instead of thinking I got that one wrong on accident) ^^

  4. cyber95 says:

    Hooray for BttF references, T.S.!

    Also, I’ve been reading this comic for about a month now, just decided to comment now.

    …I think this is my first time commenting. I have a really bad memory, but I’m pretty sure.

  5. Alchav says:

    T.S., I don’t get the reference; so make like a tree, and get outta here.

  6. Lsharp says:

    if cris dreamed that he could live under water, why can’t biff?
    and second of all, how did biff open that locked door? no way it has a keyhole

    i guess thats why he is biff and im just… not biff

  7. Robert says:

    He “realizes”. ‘Cause he couldn’t figure it out beforehand.

    Of course, if he could figure it out beforehand, there’d be no comedy in today’s strip. 😛

  8. V.A. says:

    aaah hahaha

  9. JustMe says:

    this comic makes me wonder how high in the Stupid tree Biff was when he fell and how branches he hit on the way down 🙂

  10. Chris says:

    Hey cyber95, thanks for joining the party. 🙂

  11. Iethloc says:

    So far, Biff has hit 172 branches and counting!

    Also, this is my first comment, as well. I’ve been reading The Book of Biff for a few days now, and it is hilarious!

  12. Chris says:

    Thanks Iethloc. #200 isn’t too far away.

  13. T.S. says:

    This reminds me of an above-ground pool I had as a kid… a friend of mine thought he could kick off the side of it like an under-ground pool… He found out why slightly re-enforced plastic isn’t as suitable as concrete for doing that when it split down the side and flooded my back-yard…

  14. Keioko says:

    T.S. I’m fairly sure you were aiming for a screen door on a submarine. I know the reference but can’t think of the song right now, which kinda scares me as I like that song.

    Great comic as always Chris!!!

  15. T.S. says:

    It wasn’t a song… it was a quote from Back to the Future… Biff (wow, just noticed the name reference), the stupid bully of the movie, always gets stuff like that wrong… hence Alchav’s response… which was another bad pun Biff got horribly wrong int he movie…
    I now have the uncontrollable urge to call someone a “butthead”… haha

  16. T.S. says:

    *in the
    (I hate typeos)

  17. Chris says:

    For those of you that comment often, there is a register link at the bottom right of the main page. If you are registered it will give you the ability to edit your posts if you want.

  18. Wind-Up Monkey says:

    I’ve had that same dream… from both points of view. The person in the pool, and the person looking for the guy in the pool.

  19. Archy says:

    Reminds me of the Doggie door on the boat strip.

  20. LemonMango says:

    That’s sounds like a weird dream.

    Last time I had a dream where I fell into water, I woke up because I was holding my breath.

  21. Chris says:

    Dang, so it was Wind-Up Monkey chasing me!

  22. Xeed says:

    Hi Chris! Just finished reading the archive. Great stuff!
    I read 40 webcomics frequently (ok ok, daily). I’m glad to put Biff among them.

    My favorite thing about your site is that you take time answering the comments. Happy new year and many many more!

    PS. Sorry if my english is so and so, I’m swedish.

  23. V.A. says:

    o0o so there is a link for registering…hrmmm very tempting indeed

  24. Chris says:

    Thanks Xeed. It’s fun having readers from places I have never been to. 🙂

  25. Zheden says:

    Well Chris,

    As much as I love your comics, I would highly suggest not coming out to visit the sandy deserts of Iraq…at least, not at this time of year. Cause it’s rainy season 😛 Two kinds of mud here and both of them suck, haha. You’ve got the really really thin mud, as the sand here is very fine…it’s almost got the consistency of water…very slick, many have slipped in it. And then the incredibly thick mud, that is very sticky…it just gobs onto your boots/shoes and its torn a few shoes right off of people’s feet on occasion. Stuff’ll add like ten pounds per foot, haha.

    Thanks for the comics, love them!

  26. Chris says:

    Ah, shoe sucking mud! I have run into that on occasion. The worst is when you are running and the force of it knocks you over.

  27. Amanda says:

    Hmmm, is there shoe sucking mud in Biff’s future?

  28. calan ree says:

    Amanda, i was thinking the very same thing! 😛

  29. T.S. says:

    Maybe he makes the mud-sucking shoe to counteract it?

  30. NameBrandShoes says:

    Great comic, found my way here from… Well just about every other comic I read… Glad to add this to the list of regulars.

  31. Chris says:

    Thanks for joining us NameBrandShoes.

  32. some kid says:

    it’s my dream to go to austraila before i die

    by the way is the regester link how u get a blue name?
    thats been drivin me crazy

  33. Haragorn says:

    TS, he does have his “Dirt Magnet Shoes.” I suppose you could count those as mud-sucking shoes.

    some Kid, blue names are if you put something in as your website.

  34. some kid says:


  35. phill says:

    tehe, basement door to the pool… how do you come up with this stuff, genius!

    and forget foot sucking mud, MAN EATING MUD! hehe try running through that!

  36. Hey there, Chris! I’ve been reading for a couple of weeks now. Followed a link from… Diesel Sweeties? Yeah, I think so. Now I read the comments along with the strip every day. 🙂 Thanks for keeping me entertained and often laughing out loud! I used to run a webcomic… sprite-based, I’m sorry to admit. Perhaps I’d have been more successful if I used the one-shot formula. Hmm… Gives me an idea…

    Anyhow, my sister said she used to be able to breathe underwater, but forgot how when she was 5 or 6. I remember that she could hold her breath for more than three minutes as a kid, but I never suspected she was breathing it… 😀

    T.S.: What’s the matter? You chicken?

  37. Uehara says:

    Just recently discovered this comic , from SMBC and I just have to say I love it! I really like the comments you post and your comic ideas are great! I will certainly bookmark this comic 🙂

  38. Chris says:

    Hey there DarkLightEternal. Thanks for the compliments, good luck with your comic.

  39. Chris says:

    Thanks for stopping by Uehara. Bookmarking is great! 🙂

  40. LordRetard says:

    Bwahahah, that’s so awesome. Good job.

  41. TKort says:

    Hehe.. when you said “biff likes to get bookmarked” some really bizarre Biff-comic-esque images flew through my head.. can you read my mind and make a comic of that some time please Chris? Thanks :).

  42. Warcrime says:

    seriously, if people put doors to places like that, they are asking for the biffs of the world to open them.

    Funny comic, found it yesterday off of gone with the blastwave, the little teaser comics kept flipping too fast on the banner so i had to click. I like it, cant say i done some of these things, but they are funny.

  43. Chris says:

    Welcome Warcrime. I’m glad you haven’t done a lot of these things. 🙂

  44. warcrime says:

    Dont get me wrong, i have done a couple stupid things, but apparently nothing biffworthy.

    Though barricading yourself in your room for a whole day is stupid XD.

  45. Blackheart says:

    I have that dream often, its nice

    First post here

    Nice comic

  46. Chris says:

    Thanks Blackheart, I’m glad you stopped by.

  47. Nate says:

    someone probably said this, but this reminds me of Mario 64, what with the door to the moat.

  48. Tehblues says:

    Lesson learned. I’ll never open my basement door again.

  49. monoXcide says:

    I’m starting to think that Biff and water don’t mix. He puts a doggy door on his boat, he forgets to fix a leaky faucet, and now this. This is about the 4th or 5th time Biff has had a bad encounter with water.

  50. dragonbrad says:

    woo fifty-eth comment

  51. SoulCrux says:

    That reminds of Mario 64, where there was a secret room that had a trap door to the moat, or somehting like that…I ant remember, it was when i was like, 6….

  52. Tomcat92 says:

    Found these through Bob and George and I am totally hooked. I just read 172 Biff’s in a Row and this one just tickled me pink, because the downstairs door to my pool is always locked. Biff has shown me why.

  53. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    Isn’t Biff a water bender? this should prove no problem then!
    and speaking of bookmarking: I have a folder system to alphebeticaly arrange the webcomics I read by putting a folder in a folder in a folder.(o-z in h-n in a-g) I have 45 total webcomics that I read.

  54. DemonRex says:

    Man, if I had one wish, I would wish for gills, and be able to breath both in air and under water. I love to swim.

  55. Knife Knut says:

    You want to know about some dangerous mud? Google Pluff Mud

    for example

  56. Dracat says:

    I agree Demonrex, swimming is awesome. I wish I had gills that accepted salt and freshwater so that I could explore lakes in Canada and outside of Canada…

  57. The Man says:

    Chris’ comment about his dreams had me laughing the most.

  58. Rachel says:

    why does he even put a door there?

  59. Raggle says:

    I’ve had several dreams like that, some of my favorites, right up there with being able to jump amazing distances.
    Most of the time in those dreams it somehow involves diving into the lake near my house and exploring the town that is at the bottom, which there actually is in real life. I always feel sad when I wake up and realize that I in fact, CANNOT breathe water. If only everyone could have superpowers.

  60. steve-o says:

    This reminds me of my dream where I was part human, part hovercar and I would hover myself to the top of this HUGE mountain except one side was very steep and had a gigantic lake at the bottom like this.And then I would jump and reach the bottom then shoot up again nearly breaking the sound barrier then I would higher then the mountain. It felt like flying.By far the best dream I’ve ever had. I hope I have it again and again

    / l
    / l
    / l
    / l (lake is here)

  61. steve-o says:

    sorry about bad mountain. Imagine the slash part is the not steep part and the hyphen is the top

  62. Erkhadz says:

    Those dreams are always cool, mine usually start out with me being able to fly… then some jerk decides to turn gravity back on while I’m over a large body of water… which isn’t cool; until I realize I can breath under water.

  63. Rhea Dark says:

    As useful as a sunroof on a submarine.

  64. Kaikuro says:

    I have that breathing under water dream all the time in different scenarios. I think I’ve had that kind of dream about 40 times ( I dream almost every night). One of my favorites was the one where my friends and I were in a pool at vacation, and we were going to have a holding your breath under water contest. I told them it wouldn’t be fair, because I could breathe under water, but they didn’t believe me, so I went under, and stayed there for about an hour before they finally believed me. Then there was this one where I had to find an underwater treasure, and I was riding a jet ski out to the place where it was, and a water dragon knocked me off the jet ski, and I was sinking, and I tried to hold my breath but the riptide pulled me in, and then I felt like my lungs would burst so I took a breath, and what do you know, I could breathe. I never did find that treasure though. 😛

    I’m keeping track of all my favorite Biff comics in my favorites section. This is one of them. 🙂

  65. Elkian says:

    This was the first ever biff comic i remember reading…

  66. Matt says:

    I remember the breathing underwater dream, it’s one of the strangest sensations ever.

  67. Kitsunie says:

    I’ve had the breathing under water dream….it was weird, but kind of fun.

  68. Torg says:

    I have dreams where I can breathe underwater, but usually I’m chasing the guy who thinks he’s safe at the bottom of the lake.

  69. trixingee says:

    i had a dream one time where i was in a pool where the water rose in a big watery cube about 5′ above the level of the pool edge. i kept trying to swim to the top and was in danger of drowning when i realized that i could just swim out the side…

  70. BenS says:

    I have had that exact same dream a number of times…I remember the thought process vividly: Just take a breath!…No! I can’t breathe underwater!…Yes you can, just do it!…Ahhhhh, that’s nice! I CAN breathe underwater! Yay!

  71. William Syler says:

    I recently had a dream similar to that. I dived into a pool of water, and i could actually feel the water going through slits of my neck and i could breath….t’was odd!
    But I also had…y’know the protective eyewear that you’re supposed to wear when doing construction or something like that? I had something like that over my mouth and nose…like a mask. Not the same shape, but the same material. Weird…

  72. JLB says:

    I remember something like that from Super Mario 64.

  73. Rachel says:

    That’s really weird–I have the same kind of dreams too!

  74. Mr. Horseradish says:

    reminds me of the basement of the castle in Super Mario 64–
    too bad you had to get rid of the moat to open the door. :<

  75. Marscaleb says:

    The problem with breathing underwater that most folks seem to forget… Pools are chlorinated. If you breathed that water, you’d die.

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