#1624 – Absent

I’ve had some jobs where I worked there long enough that my conscious brain wasn’t needed anymore to perform my assigned tasks. I could unload boxes from a truck and put them on shelves while thinking about more important things like “What do the lyrics in that song really mean?” I would “wake up” hours later when I suddenly realized I was late for my lunch break.

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5 thoughts on “#1624 – Absent”

  1. Is it a bad thing that this reminds me of when I was in school? I would think about other stuff all the time in school, except if I was about to take some important test or if I had loads of homework to do (which was almost never)…

  2. Dan says:

    It’s as if the world doesn’t want you to exercise your brain…or your body either. We’re all slaves to the system! lol

  3. kingklash says:

    The Pink Cauliflower gets ready to face another challenging day.

  4. Anon_omis says:

    Sadly my brain does this most the time. That or it’s playing a song in a constant loop or whatever I’m watching/listening to at the moment.

  5. pbarnrob says:

    Heard a fascinating interview about habits last Sunday. We spend a lot of effort making everyday tasks into Routines (programmers, take note!) so that we don’t have to devote conscious attention to them.
    When’s the last time you missed a turnoff on the way home from work, when you’d intended to do a (less-than-common) errand – Woops!

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