#1610 – Sculpt

I like making mashed potato volcanoes. I pile up my normal gigantic helping and jam a pat of butter into the top. Then I sculpt it into a quiet unassuming mountain. I arrange the rest of the food on the plate into a quiet village of vegetables and protein. Then, when everyone is asleep for the night a huge chunk of the peak explodes away as the delicious buttery lava oozes out onto the unsuspecting villagers. This is usually the point where I look up and realize all my relatives at the Thanksgiving dinner are looking at me.

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9 thoughts on “#1610 – Sculpt”

  1. Pyro says:

    Heh, I always had gravy in my mashed potato volcanoes, but the rest of it is more or less the same.

  2. pbarnrob says:

    Now, does the eruption occur with sound effects? “BOOM-shssssh!” That’ll sure get their attention!

  3. I would maybe have done that, if I had actually eaten mashed potatoes. But I don’t. I blame my dad, because he only made “mashed potatoes” from some kind of powder mix for several years, and I have never eaten mashed potatoes -real or not- since then.

    I wonder how long time it takes before Biff’s hat collapses…

  4. Patrick says:

    Is it my imagination, or is that a bacon hatband? LOL

  5. R. E. Hunter says:

    It’s the aliens trying to communicate with you!

  6. One time a friend of mine and his wife came for dinner. My friend really loved mashed potatoes! My wife gave him a big plate full of mash potatoes and he was happy. As dinner conversation continued, no one realized that my friend was shaping his mound of mash into Devil’s Mountain, the same way Richard Dreyfus did in Close Encounters! As soon as someone noticed what he was doing, I cracked up, and he started eating, destroying the mound so it wouldn’t look like he was being guided by aliens to meet the mothership! It was hilarious, as he denied that he was doing what I knew he was doing! Classic!

    1. Chris says:

      Haha what a nutjob!

  7. kingklash says:

    You should see his Pork-Pie hat.

  8. Sidehack says:

    Classic. I’ve gotten odd looks from family for years for making mashed potato volcanoes (it really is the best way to melt the butter) but never a hat. That’s pretty BA.

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