#1604 – Premium

They are always so very excited to eat it I’m tempted to try some myself. Then again my dog is very excited to eat bugs… and grass… and garbage. Okay I’m over it.

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11 thoughts on “#1604 – Premium”

  1. Aiure says:

    In a moment of weakness, many years ago, my boyfriend, our roommate, and I all tried a bite of Beggin’ Strips.

    I’m here to tell you they taste nothing like bacon.

  2. Dzelda says:

    I know a restaurant or two where Id gladly eat dog food rather than the actual food…

    Or starve for that matter.

  3. My pets are kind of the opposite of that. OK, they *do* eat their cat- and dog food, but other than that, they really like human food! And the cats like to eat the dog’s food as well…

    The funniest thing is when our biggest cat (who is orange) wants to eat some lasagna… If I had known this when he was born, I would have named him Garfield, that’s for sure!

    But please don’t complain and say that “You’re not supposed to give human food to animals”! I know what the animals can and can’t eat! Also, they only get to taste a little bit, kinda like a treat, no more than that.

    1. onex says:

      No, Biff! You’re not supposed to give animal food to humans!
      I’ve never had pet food, but my sister and I used to imitate cows and eat grass. It gave me a stomach ache : (

    2. Yeah, with our cats we have a “fingertip” rule. There are a few foods we let them taste once in a while (one of them loves ice cream), but only the amount that coats a fingertip.

      1. kingklash says:

        Our fingertip rule was: I’ll let you have a taste, as long as you don’t bite off my fingertip.

    3. Sven says:

      We had a cat that loved peas for some reason. And raisins. She actually came to associate the smell of chocolate with raisins (because I like to eat chocolate raisins) and would always try to get one when I was eating them. If she managed it she would proceed to grudgingly lick the chocolate off (she didn’t like that) and then eagerly eat the raisin.

      Another cat we had would eat pretty much anything in her later years, but she was so old that her sense of taste had probably just gone. She also purred like a diesel engine; not even exaggerating much here, it was incredily loud.

  4. R. E. Hunter says:

    Our dog used to eat her own frozen poop during the winter. I guess if it tasted good the first time through…

  5. kingklash says:

    If it keeps your coat nice and shiny, who cares?

  6. pbarnrob says:

    We had one dog who just loved cat food (extra-special treat, especially if she could steal it from the cats!) but used was just fine, too…

  7. Marscaleb says:

    This one made me laugh out loud!

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