#1597 – Juice

I don’t think I’ve ever made “real” lemonade. As a kid we always made “Country Time” lemonade which was a powder mix that came in a can. I was so used to Kool Aid that I assumed lemonade was just another flavor of powdered mix.

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16 thoughts on “#1597 – Juice”

  1. Saul1245 says:

    I could never mix Kool-Aid right. I would never mix it enough and all the powder would float to the bottom, so the top was bitter and the bottom way too sweet 🙁

  2. pbarnrob says:

    I learned (once daughters 1 and 2 wanted some) to mix the Kool-Aid in a little HOT water to dissolve it, then add the cold water, and put the ice in the cup, not the pitcher.

    Having a lemon tree in the yard has made some difference. I keep remembering the fast that Dick Gregory did, one lemon’s juice, one cup of honey, one gallon of water; don’t forget the water!

    1. kingklash says:

      Even with just room temp water, a slurry is an important first step. Since I was diagnosed Diabetic, not so much making the sugary drinks, but somehow, I became known for making excellent iced tea. I just appreciate sugar now that I can rarely use it.

      But, in a related note, figure out how much sugar/creamer you need in your tea/coffee, and put that in your cup first, then pour the beverage. Since sugar does take up a bit of room initially, you don’t raise the level of coffee to the brim than if sugar is added last. If you ever juggled a up-to-the-edge cup of coffee, you see how that works out.

  3. Oh no! Biff burnt one eyebrow off! How will he go on with life?!

    I didn’t even know what powder mix lemonade was until recently, and I don’t even know if it exists in Sweden. But then again, I live in the middle of nowhere… But I had seen the Kool-Aid man way before I knew what Kool-Aid was. I just thought that he was a random cartoon character from somewhere…

  4. In my hometown, there’s a hot dog joint that sells Devil Dogs, and Demonade sounds like the perfect drink to wash down those Devil Dogs!

  5. I don’t let powdered drinks in my house anymore, unless they are some sort of powdered tea. Screw health questions, they are no as delicious as I thought they were when I was a kid!

    I enjoy making real lemonade – juicing lemons on a little ceramic manual juicer and simmering the sugar water until it combines…but it takes a LONG time. More often I just mix the sugar water with the lemonjuice that comes from a bottle. Still good, and takes a fraction of the time.

    1. Katie says:

      If you get superfine sugar, it’ll dissolve better, and you might not even have to heat the water.

  6. ladyamethyst83 says:

    is that drink spicy hot or burn my mouth on fire hot?

  7. steve says:

    Man, biff is one tough mofo to turn demons into juice…

    1. Chris says:

      “Shut your mouth!”

      1. pbarnrob says:

        But I’s talkin’ about BIFF!

  8. Dzelda says:

    At least hes not using them to burn your house down….

  9. spidercow says:

    No, when life gives you demons, you make life take the demons back! Get mad!
    I’m sorry, I had to do that.

  10. Marscaleb says:

    Frikkin hilarious, I laughed out loud.

  11. Rez says:

    Is that combustible demonade? Cave Johnson anyone?

  12. Freezie43110 says:

    Biff Belmont.

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