#1582 – Evacuate

I used to read a lot of books on the bus. I remember at first being self conscious about people seeing what I was reading. After awhile I realized nobody cares. They just want to get on with their lives. Reading a book probably attracts attention now because “Whoa! Someone reading a physically printed book!” All the kids with their electronic books and internet telephones now.

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12 thoughts on “#1582 – Evacuate”

  1. Starkittens says:

    I still read books, I hate the electronic books. If I must read, Then I must feel the pages. My classmates look at me like I’m crazy…. for two reasons: 1)The majority of them don’t read, even if it’s for a class, 2) if they do read, the do it Electronically….

    How do people stand the Eye fatigue from staring at bright screens all day? That’s what boggles me…

    1. Sven says:

      I do most of my reading on an Amazon Kindle. That way, I can read books during my commute that would otherwise be way too big to carry around (currently reading Peter F. Hamilton’s “Night’s Dawn Trilogy”; each part is around 1200 pages), but since it’s an e-Ink display it looks exactly the same as paper so there’s no eyestrain.

      The sheer impracticality of lugging around the kind of books I read made me an early adopter of e-books, even back before e-Ink devices existed. Admittedly, reading books on a Pocket PC with a regular high-DPI backlit LCD display was a bit of an eyestrain, but still better than having to deal with big, heavy books. And with e-Ink, I no longer miss real books at all.

      Another advantage is that I live in Tokyo, so my apartment is tiny which means I don’t have much shelf-space, and e-books don’t take any space. 🙂

  2. Pyro says:

    yeah, I still prefer physical books. However, I must admit I’m probably at least slightly insane. I choose books in part based upon the smell of the glue used in the bindings. I consider myself something of a connoisseur of book glue. It’s the finer points of book ownership that this new, digital generation is missing out on.

    1. In school, they taught me *not* to sniff glue.

      Just say no!

  3. I still read physical books, because I just can’t see any reason to buy a tablet or e-reader of any kind. What would I use it for, when I already have a computer, and physical books? And we have lots of books, so it would probably take a lifetime for me to finish reading the ones we already have, if I don’t start reading way more or faster.

    Interesting book cover, by the way! Maybe I should start printing new covers for my books and read them when I am at some place where people can see me, instead of just reading as a way for me to fall asleep easier at night?

  4. I prefer digital books ALMOST all the time, but I do still keep physical copies of a few dear old friends around. The books that have sentimental value, as well as just being a good read.

  5. kingklash says:

    You don’t get the same satisfaction of bonking somebody over the head with a Device that you do with the Collected Works Of Shakespeare hardcover.

  6. mjm202036 says:

    I personally read my books on my e-reader; but I still buy paper books (preferably hardback instead of paperback) because I want to be one of those people that hoards them when we finally reach the stage of life seen in Farenheit 451. At that time, I want my house to be the one that goes up in the highest ball of flame when they catch me with my massive collection. I think the apartment complex will be upset with the situation at the time, though.

  7. Mr. Meval says:

    In California having a brief case while reading American Handgunner on the bus means no one bothers you.

    1. pbarnrob says:

      Does he or doesn’t he? Only his armorer knows fer shure, fer shure!
      I’m gonna have to gin up some Odd covers for the library books I bring; Google here I come!
      Thanks, Chris! Takes me back to JC (Palomar, ’62-”63) and the covers the bookstore carried (but not near nutso enuf!)

  8. Freezie43110 says:

    “Back in my day, we could touch stuff!”

  9. AbeFM says:

    I generally fly and read, but once I thought… It will be a long flight, why not play some video games? I packed joystick, and loaded up a new challenge….

    I couldn’t figure out why the lady sitting next to me kept acting more and more nervous: Oh! Don’t crash 57 times on take-off just because that’s the hardest part of your new flight sim…..

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