#1575 – Yanked

I swear one of these days my little 15 pound dog is going to give me a dislocated shoulder. She has a knack for running in exactly the wrong direction when I least expect it. I keep telling her that she will never catch one of those birds. She just won’t listen to reason.

Also, checkout the guest comic I did over at Shortpacked! today!

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11 thoughts on “#1575 – Yanked”

  1. Starkittens says:

    Why does Biff only have one Shoe?

    Who took his other Shoe?!?!

    1. kingklash says:

      As the joke goes, he didn’t lose a shoe, he found one.

  2. Ian says:

    When I was a kid, my dog would chase airplanes. We lived in the glide path for Dorval (now Trudeau) Airport in Montreal and when a plane would fly over he would go nuts barking at it then run upstairs to the window seat in the master bedroom to bark out the window at it.

    Now, I’m not saying that co-relation equals causation, but in all the years we lived there, not one airplane EVER tried to come into our house.

  3. That sounds just like my dog, except that he weighs twice as much. He is shaped like a box, and he usually gives the impression of being kinda slow, but he is actually very strong for his size! The weirdest thing about him is that he’s supposed to be a purebred Papillon, but we don’t think so…

    Maybe he is half Papillon, half grizzly bear. I keep saying different things, so maybe one day I’ll get it right.

    1. EnderQON says:

      So, that would make him… Papi Bear? Is that the Latin American version of Goldilocks?

      1. Yeah, it’s the Goldilocks fairytale featuring the Papi Bear! He is white with black markings on his face, just like my dog… But then what would the other two bears look like…?

  4. Wizard says:

    I remember a high school teacher of mine was once walking his two yap-dogs when they decided to take off in opposite directions. Apparently he had one leash in each hand, and because he wasn’t willing to let go of either one, he didn’t have any hands left over to catch himself when he tripped. Only time I’ve ever seen a man with road rash on his nose.

  5. Dzelda says:

    Biffs got a Rocket Doooog, goin inta outer spaaace!

    *hits the Space Meme before it rears its ugly head*

  6. Psither says:

    Rocket jump.

    Biff kind of reminds me of the Soldier from TF2. Anyone else get that from all the rockets and slightly inane planning skills/worldview?

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