#1568 – Plummet

I have dreams where I’m in my front yard and suddenly fly straight up above the trees. I then move around the town looking down at the buildings and streets. It was weird at first until I realized my brain was just playing back images from me playing around with Google maps.

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5 thoughts on “#1568 – Plummet”

  1. Pyro says:

    ah yes, all the fun of wings in a vacum.

  2. I haven’t used Google maps that often, but when I have done so, I have always tried to find the place where I live. I think I have been pretty close, but I still don’t think I have found the exact place, because I have no idea what my neighborhood looks like from above.

    I haven’t had any Google maps dreams yet, however. My dreams are often too realistic! For example, I don’t dream that I am “inside” my video games, I just dream about playing them like in real life… I’m just surprised that I don’t dream about using the computer more often…

    1. kingklash says:

      I’ve had that happen. When I finally snagged a copy of Pac-Man for my NES, I just played like crazy. Then I started having dreams of playing it, and it was still kicking my butt. Took a Pac-break after that.

  3. My boyfriend checked street view the other day, only to discover a shot of him walking back from the mailbox.

    Oh how he railed, that they took their camera car right by and he did not even see them!

    Plus side, I have an on-demand and very-flattering photo of his backside in shorts.

  4. pbarnrob says:

    The Google Map of our neighborhood still shows a big tree that was taken down a couple years ago; the area hasn’t changed that much otherwise, so guess there’s been no need to update. Street View, OTOH, might get updated if there is building or demolition happening around.

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