#1492 – Gust

When I lived in Boston I learned very quickly how to deal with an umbrella in windy rain. There are a few corridors of buildings that would channel a light breeze from a few different directions into a pounding wind. I had to think of it more as a shield than an umbrella. Luckily it never snapped closed on my head.

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6 thoughts on “#1492 – Gust”

  1. My dog isn’t that big, but luckily he is quite heavy for his size! He was supposed to be a Papillon, but he… looks more like a Staffordshire bullterrier that’s wearing a Papillon suit. I don’t think he’ll fly away like that in the wind. 😛

  2. kingklash says:

    I have lived in the Big City, and know about those wind-tunnel spaces between buildings. Although, at a condo complex where we lived, a few of us kids used to find the spaces between the two-story units good spots to get kites up quickly and above the roof lines. If you didn’t have a kite, just tie a string to a bread sack, and as soon as the wind puffed it open, you had a low-flying advertisement for your favorite bread.

    1. Chris says:


  3. Shalderave says:

    I believe Biff has shrunk over the years. Back in 2010, or 2008 I believe, he looked about average weight, width, and extra tall. Now he’s lanky mcstringbean. Not a bad thing, but it’s interesting to see how Biff is transforming into his own new look.

  4. spidercow says:

    this actually happened to my dachshund (kind of). she escapes a lot, so we keep her on this really long chain thing so she can roam around the yard freely but cant get away. one day the chain broke, and we replaced it with one that was slightly shorter. at one point, the dog ran after a squirrel that was just beyond the reach of the chain. when she reached the end of the chain, she was going pretty much as fast as she could, and ended up being flung into the air a few feet. just as she lifted off, the wind picked up and blew her even further. she was okay, but seemed really confused. (she’s not the brightest dog. took her a few weeks to realize we shortened the chain). im pretty sure the squirrel was laughing the whole time.

  5. Marscaleb says:

    This one made me laugh out loud!

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