#1457 – Stab

I actually like cold showers in the heat of summer after being outside doing some yard work. In the winter though I tend to take showers that are too hot. I come out of it looking like I have a sunburn and an hour later my whole body itches like crazy. I haven’t melted the shower curtain so I haven’t caused any permanent damage yet.

Today’s Maximumble is fortunate.

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7 thoughts on “#1457 – Stab”

  1. Space Butler says:

    This one got me…the funny! Can’t quite figure out this week’s theme. Does it have one?

  2. Maskman says:

    I’ve had that shower. Brrrrr!

  3. That’s what it feels like every time I take a shower, no matter the temperature! Even when it’s summer and the temperature is way too hot, showering *still* feels like getting stabbed by icicles until I turn on the warm water. Oh, and when I wash my hair I have the water at the warmest temperature possible for this shower, and then it feels OK. (I can tolerate higher temperatures when washing my hair compared to when I shower, for some reason)

    That’s life with a shower that only has two different temperatures for the water; icicles or severe burn injuries.

  4. onexused says:

    Biff now has super quill-shooting powers. Whenever he’s in the middle of a fight with a villain and gets out of quills, he has to run to the nearest shower and turn it on its coldest setting. Better hope villains hibernate for the summer.

  5. kingklash says:

    Getting clean and quick acupuncture? Bonus!

  6. Vole says:

    This comic can still surprise me sometimes. 🙂

  7. wheatley14 says:

    maybe his water pipes are actually connected to the broken glass factory

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