#1445 – Passenger

The “carpool” lane was a term I heard a bunch of times as a kid before I found out what it meant. I assumed it had something to do with swimming pools. Were the cars driving into a pool? Like a big communal car wash? Did they have pools inside the cars? It was also mentioned a lot in reference to California and that just reinforced my thinking of hot weather and swimming pools.

Today’s Maximumble performs well.

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9 thoughts on “#1445 – Passenger”

  1. Chris, how come the roadside is green in the winter, yet there’s snow sufficient to create a snowman?


    1. Maskman says:

      Nope. Typical Biff over-powered A/C in the car.


    2. Chris says:

      There wasn’t much snow. He used it all.

  2. Space Butler says:

    Biff, you are a genius.

  3. Mark says:

    Turn down the air conditioning. You’re freezing your passenger.

  4. At first I guessed that the snow-Biff was made of something else, like dough or clay or something… Don’t know why, though…

    And: Happy new year! …a day too late or so, but anyway… 🙂

  5. Iforwhat says:

    I like how you put cheating in the tags.

  6. kingklash says:

    Back in my childhood, there was a PSA for carpooling that used Noah’s Ark as the ultimate example.

    1. reynard61 says:

      Here ya go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yY_9D8d0rk

      YouTube is your friend! (And an excellent resource for nostalgia seekers!)

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