#1441 – Shatter

I occasionally have a sudden panic attack that my books are overdue. When I check it seems I always have another 10 days left. Conversely when I am just casually returning some books I’ll glance at the date inside one of them as I’m about to put them in the box. How are these books 6 weeks late? I didn’t even read any of them! What is happening to my concept of time?

Today’s Maximumble is warning you.

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10 thoughts on “#1441 – Shatter”

  1. Silfedac says:

    No, Biff, no! Not the moon!

    1. das-g says:

      Today’s Maximumble page says “Today’s Biff had nothing to do with that.” And that’s true.

  2. Maskman says:

    If anyone checks Biff’s reading list against the distraction(s) caused, he may have cause for worry. Or perhaps, the *world* has casue for worry…

  3. Gwid says:

    I seem to recall that my sister borrowed a book from the school library once, when she was in kindergarten. She’s eight years older than me, mind you. When I was in the last year of that school, she gave it to me to return.
    The librarian actually cried.


  4. The best solution for this (at least for myself) is to never borrow any books at libraries, and to simply buy them at a book store instead if you want them. If I want information about something, then I’ll just look it up on the internet! 😀

  5. kingklash says:

    And that’s just for this book.

  6. mynameis832 says:

    Piccolo doesn’t have to do it, at least…

  7. Awesome Aud says:

    Library Elf is a website that automatically keeps track of your library books, and sends you emails when books are due, or when a hold has come in. I’ve been using it for a couple of years!


  8. Axonite says:

    That’s not a big enough distraction! They’ll still notice the book’s overdue. 🙂

  9. jammit says:

    This is why I panic when I see a politician reading the Bible.

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