#1423 – Reaching

What would you do if you were the person on the other side of the wormhole and a strange pale arm reached up out of your freshly poured cup of coffee?

Today’s Maximumble is drowsy.

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17 thoughts on “#1423 – Reaching”

  1. Ray A. says:

    I’d be scared. Mostly because I don’t drink coffee.

  2. Maskman says:

    Armwrestle him/her/Thing. We’ll SEE who’s coffee is stronger!

    Wormhole, or maybe high-molar acid, is about the right strength for coffee. If the spoon comes out intact, it ain’t strong enough yet.

    Plus, a Chair of Insanity(tm) appearance! Bonus! 🙂

  3. Nocturne says:

    Hey! Coffee that stirs itself!

  4. I don’t really know what I would do if Biff’s arm reached up out of my coffee cup, but at least I don’t think my coffee is strong enough to form a wormhole. I’m actually quite sure that I pour up more milk than coffee in my coffee cup…

  5. jrobtaylor says:

    I’ve got a screw-on lid on my coffee cup; I’m good. No way Biff’s reaching through THAT from the inside!

  6. Rimtin says:

    I’d probably be terrified, then poke it. Then I’d try to shake the hand as if I’m greeting it. Then I’d give it a note or something as a memory.

  7. kingklash says:

    What would happen if it was French Roast?

    1. Maskman says:

      Then clearly you would need to hand the hand a croisant.

  8. caffiend says:

    Slap it on the wrist to get it to go away so I could finish my coffee in peace…

  9. Hiaki says:

    Fun thing is that wormholes supposedly bend space and time. So he could smack someone around thirty minute before having his cuppa wormhole.

    1. Maskman says:

      Heck, he might even be slapping himself around!

  10. 3agle87 says:

    mmmm Strong coffee for the win. Good to know biff appreciates a good brew.

  11. Radical Edward says:

    I prefer my coffee to be weakened by sugar and cream, preferably to make a white chocolate mocha with whipped cream. I’m a pansy when it comes to coffee. I’m 24 and I’ve only been drinking coffee since I was 14, on the day I got my dental braces off.

  12. Freezie43110 says:

    I don’t drink coffee, but if that situation happened, we’d have an ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors battle to the death.

  13. samuel says:

    I have a question… is biff a Time Lord? It’s really the only alien I can think of that fits his peculiar personality and seeming indestructability… as well as his shape changing ways

  14. Tech says:

    Shake his hand. Like a boss.

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