#1413 – Horn

I never played those ring toss games at carnivals. They always seemed to be nearly impossible to do on your first three tries. Sure, if you have to stand there in the booth all day killing time you could probably get good at it. I’ll just go buy a purple teddy bear from the store on the way home.

Today’s Maximumble shrieks.

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5 thoughts on “#1413 – Horn”

  1. Notebooked says:

    Aw…I thought it was a lasso.

  2. Maskman says:

    Look at the size of the prizes a booth is offering – the bigger the teddy bear, the harder it is to do.

  3. Is Biff left-handed?

    Oh, and those rings will make a good decoration for the rhino! (if they actually land on its horn, that is)

  4. kingklash says:

    The old Tomy Wonderful Waterfull ring toss was easier than the carnival version.

  5. mathgrant says:

    Heyyyyy, you missed, pal!

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