#1404 – Baled

I don’t recall ever taking a hayride as a kid. I did finally ride one last year. It was a bit anticlimactic. I was mostly worried about the wagon tipping over when we were turning. I guess it’s more exciting back before you own a car.

Today’s Maximumble stays the night.

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6 thoughts on “#1404 – Baled”

  1. Maskman says:

    Hayrides ain’t what they used to be – seriously. Once, an opportunity to snuggle up and get a bit frisky with your girl/guy, hanging out in the company of others doing much the same, often with of alcohol involved. Singing and storytelling might be involved at some point. In short, an old-school kind of teenage drive-out-n-party gig that cars have been enabling for a long time now.

    Now, they’re mostly rip-off nostalgia rides. Except in Biff’s case – His might be more of a rip-off terror ride.

  2. onexused says:

    When I was in the youth groups of my church, we had several hay rides. I didn’t have any girl to snuggle up to at the time, but talking to friends while riding over harvested fields was fun. It helped that some ended in a camp fire at someone’s house and another was “let’s eat a meal in five courses, each course at a different person’s house”.

    Related: http://www.schlockmercenary.com/blog/schlock-2012-calendar-teaser . Biff is air-droppable many times.

    1. MaskedMan says:

      Ablative hay-bale re-entry armor.

    2. kingklash says:

      So, did your church use Christian Bales?

      1. MaskedMan says:


  3. JeffreyRaze says:

    I know some people who own a farm. Their teenage son gave the best hay rides. We started with the trailer loaded with bales. We ended with only one remaining, and that’s because someone had a death grip on it. I had never seen a tractor drive on two wheels (both right ones) before (or after!) that. Fun times.

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