#1393 – Dimple

I’ve had bad luck with a lot of mini-golf places. I always seem to visit them a few months before they go out of business. The windmill doesn’t turn. The waterfall ran dry. The gorilla is missing an arm. I’ll leave with the thought of “Well I’m never coming back to this place again.” It will turn out that I’ll really have no say in the matter.

Today’s Maximumble is wined and dined.

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2 thoughts on “#1393 – Dimple”

  1. Maskman says:

    The only mini-golf course around here is about a bazillion years old, and never seems to have any customers, but still somehow manages to hang on. Go figure.

  2. Sam says:

    Our minigolf was awesome, they kept it working, clean, and fun, they also kept adding new landscaping… it closed this year anyway???

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