#1346 – Bespin

I was about 6 1/2 when Empire Strikes Back came out. I do not remember the Darth Vader “I am your father” reveal having any sort of impact on me. I’m not sure if I’ve just seen it a million times and so it’s all a blur at this point or if I just didn’t understand the significance of it.

A friend of mine had seen the film before me and told me that Luke gets his hand cut off. I vividly remember having that conversation. That was shocking! What! Luke get’s his hand cut off! How is that possible! When I saw that he got a robot hand at the end I was totally cool with it. Maybe even a little jealous.

Today’s Maximumble is disturbed.

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11 thoughts on “#1346 – Bespin”

  1. Shadowlord9k says:

    What about a chainsaw?

  2. ExposedBusinessMan says:

    Biff, I am your Father! 😀

  3. Maskman says:

    Chainsaw > Robot hand


  4. Oh man, Star Wars week. Love it.

  5. Dargocitfer says:

    I was ten when Empire came out, and I was *convinced* that Vader was lying. So much so that I blocked out the part five minutes later when even Luke admits it’s true.

  6. Ziriath says:

    Wow, I like this Star Wars week. Will be a Star Trek week somewhere in the future? Pleeease! 🙂

  7. brian t says:

    I learned Afrikaans when I was growing up; it’s a variation on Dutch, and in both languages “Vader” means the same thing. So we kinda saw that coming. In Dutch: “Luke – Ik ben je Vader!”

  8. Gwid says:

    To extend on Brian’s comment, “Darth Vader” actually means “Dark Father”. It was predictable.

    Then again, I’ve never watched Star Wars, it seemed too boring/fail. Maybe I’ll have to so I know what I’m criticising.

    I think that movie quote has to be the most wide-spread spoiler of all time.


  9. caranthir says:

    My mom told me that when it first came out it was the most epic movie with it’s visual effects. She went to watch it just for that and ended up liking the movie.
    √X{ <— This is my biff emoticon!

  10. Centaur71 says:

    Biff looks kinda STUMPED on this one…

  11. Arcan says:

    I’ve never seen the Star Wars films. Maybe I will someday, but I prefer gaming to watching movies, so it’s never been all that high on my priority list.

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