#1341 – Bump

I took a driver’s education class as a part of high school. It was taught by my gym teacher. I guess there aren’t enough students per semester to warrant a full time position. The most disturbing part of the class was the discussion about encountering small animals in the road. Our explicit instructions were to just keep driving as if they weren’t there. Maybe you’ll hit them, maybe you won’t. It must be nerve wracking for the instructor thinking the car is about to go into the ditch every time a squirrel darts across the road.

Today’s Maximumble wants some flavor.

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4 thoughts on “#1341 – Bump”

  1. Maskman says:

    Imagine what happens to exterminators that can hear ghosts…

  2. Baughbe says:

    Now I know why our high school driving instructor drank heavily. It surely wasn’t because of the student who slid the driving car sideways through the entire teacher’s parking lot, or the one who froze with the gas pedal firmly planted to the floor, or the one who drove between the columns of the school back door entrance ramp, or the one…..

  3. I hit a bird once. He was small and swooped in front of my car, and by the time I looked back, he was on the ground flapping. It was not pretty.
    ‘But officer, he hit me! I swear!…’ No tickets were issued.

  4. Icalasari says:

    Ghost week! 8D

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