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When I was a kid in school cutting line was an act of war. “Hey! No cutting! Teacher, Jimmy is cutting! Get to the back of the line! I want more pretzels!”

Now as an adult, cutting still happens but the result is usually just people narrowing their eyes at the cutter. Perhaps a few annoyingly loud exhales. Exchanged glances with the others in the room. Eye rolling. The occasional fist fight.

Today’s Maximumble is more than you need.

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15 thoughts on “#1337 – Post”

  1. mysteryman203 says:

    wizard life week

  2. Ray A. says:

    In Soviet Russia, line cuts YOU!

  3. Space Butler says:

    Damn wizards! Damn wizards using their magic to make terrible puns!

  4. Maskman says:

    My line-fu is strong. Cut in front me me, earn a casual-but-deliberate cripling misstep to your instep.
    Call me a jerk, but I don’t tolerate jerkishness well.

  5. Miles says:

    I tend to be apathetic if someone cuts in front of me. Unless they are a jerk, in which case I escalate hostilities. To be fair, a “Hey buddy, the back of the line is THERE,” usually suffices.

  6. Freezie43110 says:

    To anyone who has used leetspeak, we’ve reached a milestone number. Here’s hoping we get to the ten-thousands. 😛

    On topic, is there even a polite way to return a cutter to their proper turn?

  7. Baughbe says:

    I liked Harland Ellison’s solution he had in one of his novels. All members in the line immediately forms a court. Hold Trial. Then execute the offender.
    In real life there was a line I was in that almost resulted in a riot. It was an application line for a high paying job with few openings and LOTS of applicants. Later I realized one of the company reps was watching the line. I don’t think any line-cutter got their application read.

  8. Blandperson says:

    Had to post a comment on this elite comic.

  9. Kuroinu says:

    and today is 1337, not a bad comic to be leet today!

  10. Steuby says:

    I’m loving wizard week, esp. this leet entry.

  11. Jesso says:

    In the third grade, I had a girl quite literally try to strangle me because she thought I was cutting in line. She put her hands around my throat and pressed her thumbs into my windpipe as hard as she could.

  12. reynard61 says:

    That’s not actually Biff. It’s his half-brother…

  13. Centaur71 says:

    Biff learns what cutting prices really mean.

  14. kingklash says:

    Bit in half by a really huge owl?

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