#1326 – Contrail

I wonder how popular it would be if airlines offered some sort of grab bag random flights for really cheap. They keep the whole thing a secret until you land and hand you a welcome packet with information on where you are and what there is to do. Most anyplace in the world is interesting if you know where to look.

Today’s Maximumble is ready for seconds.

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8 thoughts on “#1326 – Contrail”

  1. Frostbite4.0 says:

    Biff must have a very hard head

  2. ExposedBusinessMan says:

    ah another funny page today. Loving head injury week 😀

  3. jammit says:

    The airlines already do that with my luggage.

  4. kwacky1 says:

    One of the airlines in au, many years ago used to do a $99 ‘Mystery Flight’, turn up to the airport in the morning fly to a random destination, spend the day there, fly home that afternoon.

  5. McGehee says:

    And here I was wondering, “What missing element could make airline travel even MORE like being processed into a maximum-security prison?” Not telling me where I’m going would certainly qualify, but not letting me come back for thirty years is the Holy Grail.

  6. Maskman says:

    For a second there, I thought Biff had gotten *really* ambitious with his ejection seat…

    To bump up the randomness of Flight Destination Bingo, you could randomly boot passengers out the door with a parachute, al la D. B. Cooper…

  7. Baughbe says:

    @McGehee, you beat to the punch. I was going to suggest adding that some tickets are one-way only, and your passport takes a different flight.

  8. das-g says:

    “The flight grab bag offer is only available to passengers in possession of visa for all 196 countries of earth. All these visa must be valid from the date of departure (or earlier) to the date of return (or later). Please make sure there are spare pages in your passport for the arrival and departure marks some countries require.”

    Yes, we do know how hard it is to get the authorities to issue >200 page passports. We apologize for the inconveniences.

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