#1323 – Revolver

I don’t remember having a rocking horse as a kid but we did have a bouncy horse. It was a plastic horse attached to a metal frame by 4 springs. So the legless horse part that you sat on was suspended off the ground. It was a lot of fun to bounce around on as long as you weren’t the one riding it when one of the springs broke.

Today’s Maximumble is intermittent.

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12 thoughts on “#1323 – Revolver”

  1. sparta says:

    omg, i almost died laughing at the mention of the spring breaking on that bouncy horse. I remember having one when i was just a wee lad ^_^

  2. jmkool says:

    We used to have one too… don’t think any of the springs ever broke though. The horse did, but not the springs.

  3. The Dukenator says:

    Do they still make those bouncy horses? I heard they stopped making them as too many kids kept falling off of them.

  4. Maskman says:

    Had one also – Think they can be still found in some ‘not so much fun’ safety varient. Never busted the springs, but did get painfully launched a few times. Big sisters can be cruel.

  5. Baughbe says:

    That looks like fun.

  6. Seamonkey says:

    My first (of many) scars on my head came from a bouncy horse… loved that silly thing. Never had a spring break, but I did a few times.

  7. Rasheed says:

    I don’t remember if they had a slot for my horse, I think it did, but my sisters’ horse 12 years after me did have a battery slot and the horse would make neighing noises and stuff when you rode it. I think my parents just didn’t like buying batteries for all my toys.

  8. caffiend says:

    Miss those bouncy horses….
    but man that rock and roll horse looks like a blast. Perhaps i should go try to make one 🙂

  9. Cari says:

    My toddler would soooo love that!

  10. Demona says:

    I had one of those growing up and now my nephew uses it. It’s hard to imagine that I was that small once, for the thing to hold my weight.

  11. Octothorp says:

    Why is it that no one has a real rocking horse and only have those bouncy horses? Oh well, I had a bouncy horse too, but it was in my grandparent’s house.

  12. Marscaleb says:

    I remember having one of those bouncey horses!

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