#1315 – Itchy

That’s gotta be embarrassing when you go in to work the next day and have a completely sunburned head. When I was a kid and would see people laying out sun bathing I would be amazed at how long they would just lay there. I always had the urge to sneak up and draw on them with sunblock. A big untanned smiley face on your belly would be hilarious.

Today’s Maximumble is blowin in the wind.

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6 thoughts on “#1315 – Itchy”

  1. Slogra says:

    mysteryman, I expect you to wish us a happy month and day for now on, every day!

    On topic, I don’t burn easily, I FRY. I don’t sweat; it is removed instantly from my pores in the form of steam.

  2. Gato says:

    Reminds me of Creepshow.

  3. Radical Edward says:

    Well, I could say that I’ve seen a similar joke on SpongeBob SquarePants. However, the person in the sand dies.

  4. Starkittens says:

    I’ve done that before…drawn on people…yeah, it’s fun, until you realize that the person you drew on was a lawyer…then, it’s down right hilarious

  5. Sam says:

    somehow I think that biff is the ultimate charlie brown… HOPELESS! absolutely HOPELESS!

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