#1279 – Diminished

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago. When you look on a map of this area all the crisscrossing lines that resemble roads are in fact roads. Hence my surprise when travelling in less populated areas of the country. Some things that appear to be roads on maps are little more than a well worn path through someone’s private property. Twisty and unmaintained. Not the kind of place someone from out of town driving an old mini van should be travelling after dark.

Long live today’s Maximumble.

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9 thoughts on “#1279 – Diminished”

  1. Kitkun says:

    Nice one on the comic.

    Few years back, had some people ignore the warnings about unmaintained roads and get stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Made quite a stir as the father went for help and never made it. Rest of the family were discovered safe in the stuck car before hand.

  2. Maskman says:

    It’s always dark in space… And service stations are few and far between. Better watch where you pull over…

  3. *shakes fist at GPS/GogleMaps* Living in the woods means lots of delivery drivers being led to ruin by the siren song of Google insisting that a dirt path continuing into someone’s cow pasture behind a locked gate is TOTALLY a navigable road. We get FedEx stuck in a nearby chicken farm sometimes, because on that satellite map their private chickeny road (which only has a locked gate at ONE end) connects to our gravel County Road as the shortest route from the nearest town, and “Get Directions” defaults to the shortest route.

  4. Baughbe says:

    [cue creepy banjo music]

  5. Mark says:

    My brother and I were just talking about Pluto. Poor Pluto!

    Biff needs to update his interstellar Tom-Tom.

  6. Radical Edward says:

    @Mark My feelings exactly. Just because Pluto doesn’t pass the “clear the neighborhood” test, does not mean it should be reclassified.

  7. dartigen says:

    It gets even better – in Melbourne and other cities with a *lot* of fast-paced development, all forms of map are useless because they’re likely to either lead you to a road that has not been finished yet and you’ll have to drive through a tree to get to its other end, or the road hasn’t been built at all yet.
    Or there was a road that could have gotten you there quicker but it’s not on the map yet.

  8. Slogra says:

    @ Radical Edward: I thought so too until I found out that there’s another exoplanetary body that may about the size of Pluto or even larger, and it’s still inside of the Solar System, so unfortunately the sad reclassification of Pluto as a non-planet makes sense.

    Still, it makes me sad too. 🙁

  9. Radical Edward says:


    I have my reasons of calling Pluto a full-fledged planet. That and my story leads up to Pluto. I’m writing a book that is about humanoid aliens and the food found on their planets.

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