#1245 – Pseudo

It’s good that the vending machine doesn’t have a little LCD face that needs to shyly look away as it it doesn’t know I was here 6 times today already. “Oh I’m sorry sir I seem to be fresh out of Crinkle Crunch bars. They have been a really popular item… uh… today… well ever since you started working here really. Not that I’ve been keeping track or anything! I’ll uh… mention to my supplier that we should probably double up on them from now on. Have you tried the Nutty Nougat roll? (I ask as if I don’t know the answer.) Oh sorry sir! That last part wasn’t supposed to be out loud! Stop hitting my coin return lever! You didn’t put any money in yet!”

Today’s Maximumble features barking dogs.

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10 thoughts on “#1245 – Pseudo”

  1. Maskman says:

    Screw what the vending machine thinks of me… I know where the plug is, and I have wire cutters.

    It’ll remain a standoff – So long as I get my candy.

  2. soilent says:

    do you know those corkscrew vending machines?
    my colleges in apprenticeship dropped one because it didnt spit out their chips. in the end they emptied that thing and it was dowelled to the wall the following week.

  3. Tekaramity says:

    I miss the vending machines at my local university.

    No, really. After the customer purchased something, the readout would display, “THANK YOU. HAVE A NICE DAY.” That was nicer than anything any student would actually say aloud.

    Yep – the vending machines were more civil than the people.

  4. Baughbe says:

    And yet still retains his figure…

    And as I remember from my college days, drunken frat boys and vending machines are not a good combination. Attached to the wall? Part of the wall came out with it. The amazing thing was the college went ahead and replaced it, again and again.

  5. Cyndaquazy says:

    At my school, the vending machines are usually left alone, but they are evil sometimes. For example, one won’t take bills, another always gets stuck, and yet another just gobbles up your money, never to be seen again… >.>

  6. Led says:

    One time I had a bad day, and then I got two pieces of chocolate instead of one from a vending machine, and that helped a little 😀

  7. August says:

    Whatever, man. Those machines are there to supply ME. I want my fix sugary or otherwise; and if I’ve got the money, they better have the stuff any time and EVERY time.

    I look at them in disdain, more than anything…no it’s not a pre-emptive strike to defend my fragile emotions! What are you talking about? ;D

  8. Stranger says:

    A vending machine like that would be hilarious. Definitely trip people up first time they ever come across one.

    It’d probably be a real hit in Japan too. (Current predicament excepted of course).

  9. Cari says:

    I’m much more concerned with what my pants think of me after I’ve had a visit with the vending machine.

  10. kinkinkijkin says:

    *after reading post under the comic* You’re cruel to the candy machine dude…… (I’m one to talk, though!)

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