#1228 – Crunch

My current alarm clock is my 3-year-old son. Since I’m gifted with the ability to sleep 16 hours in a row if allowed I never wake up before him. The problem is sometimes he sleeps late and then wakes up temporarily insane. Everything is wrong and he furiously wants you to do exactly the opposite of whatever you are doing to try and help. He doesn’t understand that he simply needs to eat something. Eventually we trick him into saying his name backwards and he eats something and all is right in the world again.

Today’s Maximumble is revealing.

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8 thoughts on “#1228 – Crunch”

  1. Gwid says:

    My alarm clock wakes me up halfway through the night because it’s this random one we discovered when we were moving. We haven’t figured out which switch is the on/off switch, but we do know which one is the snooze, so we sit it outside on snooze which lasts for a maximum of 18 hours. Then, halfway through the night…. *Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.*

    It is inconceivable that Biff landed in that position. It’s all a set-up.
    But it did make me laugh today, which I needed, so thank you.


  2. i can’t think of anything else to say except that it is my sisters friends birthday and we are also celebrating the cousins birth

  3. tekaramity says:

    Yeah, sleeping late while my brother’s visiting results in a similar devastation.

  4. ladyamethyst says:

    that use to be the way I got up when I worked 2nd shift. My 3 year old would wake me up usually before my alarm so I stopped setting it. Now working 1st shift I have to get up at 5 am…

  5. Penthoplayer says:

    Pet week?

  6. Barn0wl says:

    My alarm clock is a small Bichon Frise/Lhasa Apso mix – she won’t sleep past about 5:30 on most morings before she starts thinking she’s starving to death. The devastation isn’t quite as extensive as that from a pet rhino though …

  7. Rasheed says:

    We have a Garfield-sized tabby that starts monkeying around about an hour before I am supposed to get up. It’s gotten worse since his companioin of seven years was put down, but locking him out of the room results in door scratching at all hours.

  8. MaskedMan says:

    Ah, the toddler ‘crosswise-to-the-universe’ tantrum. Can easily be mistaken for a visitation by a malign imp who has the sole purpose of making you doubt your sanity.
    Been there, survived that. Twice. Where’s my medal?

    Meanshile, looks like Biff’s rhino put it’s horn to good use flipping the bed… One of my furry alarms (as opposed the the six-year old) does teh reverse – she’ll swat me hard enough with her huge paw that I flip like a tiddly-wink.

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