#1222 – Apex

My older brother frequently thought it was a good idea to toss food from across the room and try to get it in my mouth. Unfortunately he liked to wait until the food was already airborne before informing me. It’s a little disconcerting to constantly have grapes bouncing off your face while you are trying to watch cartoons.

Today’s Maximumble feels the beat.


8 thoughts on “#1222 – Apex”

  1. Ray A. says:

    Older brothers — the same the world over.

  2. MaskMan says:

    At least it wasn’t Hot oatmeal. Or apple sauce.

    Decades later, my folks were still finding congealed, polymerized little globs in the strangest corners…

    Some of it had been actually painted-over, and had achieved the consistency of silicon caulking. 😀

  3. Chris says:

    – or hot apple sauce.

  4. MaskedMan says:

    Mmmmm… Apple napalm.


  5. Barn0wl says:

    We used to do this with our dog (a standard-sized dachshund) when I was a kid. One night we were eating some marshmallows as we watched TV. He would sit up to beg and we’d throw him a marshmallow. He’d pick it up and go off to our laundry room (where his bed was). We found out the next morning he’d been saving them … when he came out with his ear stuck to the side of his head from sleeping on one. LOL.

    For what it’s worth, I started my blog with a post of my top 12 favorite web comics … Biff is there.

  6. i used to have the same thing happen to me except it was my little brother doing the throwing

  7. Saul says:

    Baby week. Or parenting week. I’m not sure, but I’ll give it a try.

  8. Biff has a child.
    This is not good.
    Or maybe amazing. Not 100% sure yet.

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